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The Pub / Re: Wedge&PHP 7
« on September 6th, 04:22 PM »
Well, upwards PHP compatibility is something I'm keeping an eye on. ;)
Although I'm "stuck" on the version of PHP set up on my server, feel free to contact me if a new version of PHP breaks something, I'll fix it.
Features / Re: Resize images no in Wedge?
« on September 6th, 04:21 PM »
This can bet done with CSS and, ideally, a tiny bit of JavaScript... You don't even need a mod for that...
Features / Re: Is it built in SEO for Wedge?
« on September 6th, 04:20 PM »
I believe there are many SEO aspects built into Wedge, but if you want to use that mod, you'd have to convert it to Wedge's mod format, I guess.
Off-topic / Re: My Journey with Wedge.
« on August 29th, 12:38 PM »
Yes it's still alive in the sense that if you can get in touch with me (e.g. or Steam account), I can fix bugs as reported.
It's no longer alive as in 'I'm not going to add new major features to the software', and probably no minor features either. This is the users' job, I guess: the plugin system is really solid, it's very easy to port SMF 2.x mods to Wedge, and Wedge-only mods are way funnier to build (because they work on cached versions of the files, so you can for instance re-download a clean copy of a base file, modify it yourself, and the mods will still be applied to them as soon as you upload the file to your server.)

I don't know about 7.2 compatibility, but this is the kind of thing that I tend to update Wedge for.
I know I should release an 'official' version 1.0, and perhaps even finally change the license to MIT overall (it's been my intention for a few years now), but given that it's not a generally well known forum package, it seems like it'd be a waste of time. I don't know. Do you?
Bug reports / Re: Possible bug with custom fields
« on April 6th, 04:54 PM »
Oh, I see...
I'm so out of the loop anyway.
Yesterday I spent a few hours rewriting the audio player for my very old prog-rock website (, which isn't running on Wedge but is running an old version of Aeva Media (it's the website I actually wrote the 'Foxy' module for, hence the name), and ended up getting it to work on modern browsers. Then I wondered to myself, is it worth porting over to Aeva and/or Wedge..?
I don't know.
I have this weird feeling that Foxprog is the only website to use the playlist features of Aeva Media, anyway.
Features / Re: New revs
« on October 7th, 2019, 08:04 PM »
[Commit revision f6c20a4]
Author: Nao
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 20:03:54 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +5 (insertions), -2 (deletions)

  • Admins couldn't search for members in the admin area without specifying an IP, because the code was incorrectly trying to expand empty IP addresses and would thus force searching for an invalid IP. (ManageMembers.php)
Off-topic / Re: My Journey with Wedge.
« on September 10th, 2019, 01:20 PM »
Well, thanks ;)
I'm still working on it occasionally but if you're looking for mods you're better off using SMF I suppose, even if it's inferior. (Which is a bit sad considering the modding system in Wedge is so much easier to both create and install/update.)
As a reminder, I do most of my Wedge development for now, i.e. new features are implemented over there first. If anyone here is interested in a feature I premiered at LT's, I may consider backporting it to Wedge.
Features / Re: New revs
« on July 2nd, 2019, 11:10 PM »
[Commit revision 4b83267]
Author: Nao
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2019 23:10:14 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +8 (insertions), -8 (deletions)

  • Updated Wess to remove prefixes from more modern browsers. (Class-CSS.php)
  • Details: Android 4+ browser supports box-shadow unprefixed; Firefox 29+ supports box-sizing unprefixed; Firefox 43+ supports hyphens unprefixed; Firefox 65+ supports column breaks unprefixed; Safari 9+ (also on iOS) supports flex unprefixed. Data courtesy of, as usual. Well, if I had a way to check these things automatically, that'd be nice...
Features / Re: New revs
« on June 26th, 2019, 02:43 PM »
[Commit revision 8b92ee8]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 14:42:54 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +8 (insertions), -26 (deletions)

  • Fixed #80. This is why I never use switch() in my code: it's confusing (PHP 7.3 seems to report a bug here), and it's longer than if() tests. Rewrote this one to something understandable, and not buggy. (Subs.php)
Features / Re: New revs
« on June 26th, 2019, 11:27 AM »
[Commit revision a0fe1de]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 11:27:04 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +20 (insertions), -15 (deletions)

  • Updated thought (comment) editor to use asynchronous loading of comments with BBCode in them. Previously, it would wait for them to be retrieved, which now triggers a warning in the browser console. (script.js)
  • Fixed potential error when prefetching the next page of messages in a topic. I haven't seen it happen at, but it happened at, so I'm guessing this is more of a fix for heavily modded forums that play around with a lot of events. (script.js)
Features / Re: New revs
« on May 14th, 2019, 01:39 PM »
Quote from Nao on May 13th, 2019, 08:50 PM
  • Fixed calc() recursive pattern: it was trying to match against the whole pattern, instead of the second group of brackets. Also simplified the rest of the pattern. (Class-CSS.php)
Not that it matters, but the reason I didn't notice the bug earlier was that usually, calc() calls don't include nested brackets, so I didn't test against a stronger string like 'calc(100% + (7px / 1em))', and even then, it probably would have worked in your browser even if not matched.
Features / Re: New revs
« on May 13th, 2019, 08:50 PM »
[Commit revision a51158f]
Author: Nao
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 20:50:43 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +2 (insertions), -2 (deletions)

  • Fixed calc() recursive pattern: it was trying to match against the whole pattern, instead of the second group of brackets. Also simplified the rest of the pattern. (Class-CSS.php)
Features / Re: New revs
« on May 11th, 2019, 07:00 PM »
[Commit revision 294d044]
Author: Nao
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 19:00:02 +0200
Stats: 2 files changed; +5 (insertions), -5 (deletions)

  • Implemented proper calc() support in Wess. Well, that was easier than expected... I thought I'd have forgotten how to write proper recursive regexes by now. (Class-CSS.php, Subs-Cache.php)
Features / Re: New revs
« on May 11th, 2019, 01:45 PM »
[Commit revision 9fd7470]
Author: Nao
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 13:45:27 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +1 (insertion), -1 (deletion)

  • Fixing harmless issue when when trying to request a negative number of topics on the homepage. (Home.template.php)
Off-topic / Re: My Journey with Wedge.
« on May 11th, 2019, 01:45 PM »
I don't know much about Xen, except that's it's commercial, so it's not exactly playing in the same field as Wedge does...
I have no idea how Xen 2 would be much better than Wedge, either.
I've been using Wedge for several years on (my main activity these days, although once again not a paid one...), and every time I have an issue (or need something), I fix it and commit it to Wedge. Let's be clear, it hasn't happened a lot!
Thus, I don't really know what you mean by 'couldn't get a lot of things to work for me'... They work for everybody. Of course, everybody needs their own tweaks here and there, but it's easy to do. Especially with a base such as Wedge, that doesn't change a lot, and also allows you to customize it fully without having to change any base files.
I don't know.
I don't even know what 'prosulation' means. ;)
What I know is that I'm still proud of the software, yes. Especially as free open source software that I never built with plans to get rich.
Posted: May 11th, 2019, 01:34 PM

PS: I just realized your message was a reaction to my previous one. Sorry about that, I didn't understand why you were trying to discuss XF here. ;-)