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Yesterday at 11:53 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Thank you!
March 19th, 12:15 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Well the header was a nice mix between Wine and Wilde, but I decided to reduce the banner height to a few px and rewrite the header to be on a single line in mobile devices, so I could have it fixed. Works similarly to, as planned.
March 18th, 11:29 AM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Better than what? Default Wilde, or what LT used to like a few weeks ago? No forum search for now but you can still access it manually with /search/, I just need to add a link somewhere... (…)
March 6th, 01:06 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> nobody ever asked for it but I felt it would be useful! (…)
March 6th, 12:04 AM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> So... I'm guessing no changes, then? (…)
February 12th, 10:00 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Lestrade's ;) (Reposting here, I already mentioned it in the BBCode topic.)
February 10th, 11:00 PM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> Thanks! If you're into Steam game trading, I can share the URL ;) (…)
February 9th, 11:28 AM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> I was inactive because I considered it finished and ready for mass use. I'm working on it because I have a new site, and of course I use Wedge for it. ;) (…)
February 5th, 08:14 PM Actions…Nao » To anyone who tried to register this week: you can try again now... Had a database problem when registering due to a failed import.
November 6th, 2016, 11:05 AM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> aren't you worried smf will catch up with Wedge within 10 years though? ;)
November 1st, 2016, 11:39 AM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> let's be honest, it won't become popular with that. it'll become popular if popular forums start using it. period. (…)
October 19th, 2016, 04:03 PM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> Well... Yes, Wedge can use the money. If I got paid for it I could keep it up to date as needed.
October 8th, 2016, 08:48 AM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> But they're not wrong in liking SMF. They just are too scared to try out alternatives, same for everyone. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. But I built Wedge to fix SMF, so they just don't know they want it fixed. ;) (…)
October 3rd, 2016, 08:27 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> yes, it's a website to ease trading of digital game keys (mostly from cheap game bundles.) it's based off, which is likely to disappear by next month.
October 2nd, 2016, 01:02 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> well, maybe it'll get more coverage once it's being used on my new site... (…)
August 10th, 2016, 12:39 AM Actions…Nao » @Drunken Clam> Right now he's able to pronounce up to 40 different words. Unfortunately, not one of those is a reserved PHP or JavaScript keyword. :(
August 10th, 2016, 12:38 AM Actions…Nao » @Zeyad_Ahmed> Why would you be? It's not popular, but it's great. Isn't that what matters..? (…)
August 2nd, 2016, 10:16 PM Actions…Nao » @Drunken Clam> Well, I'm trying to be around a bit more because after a year, I finally started building a site using Wedge... So I need it to work well. ;) (…)
July 5th, 2016, 09:00 AM Actions…Nao » @Hey Arnold!> Anything worthy in it..? Looks like it's simply a larger version that's advertised as smaller, lol...
February 20th, 2016, 10:33 PM Actions…Nao » @Pandos> Listening! (…)