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The long awaited screenshots for Wedge!
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I just thought I'd share these pictures of the Pierrefonds castle I shot today.<br />I couldn't enter the castle itself because we were walking our dog, but the surroundings were stunning enough to justify the trip itself.
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Mar 21, 2014
in Wedge Screenshots
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And the answer is...
Yes.<br><br>From Merlin 4x09.
Jun 07, 2012
in Pierrefonds
 Views: 756
Select box
This is the new select box in action, in the sidebar's thought system.
The skin is a work in progress, too!  :angel:
Feb 03, 2012
in Wedge Screenshots
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wedge topic
Aug 03, 2011
in Wedge Screenshots
 Views: 4115 running Wedge!
Aug 03, 2011
in Wedge Screenshots
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 Rating: 4.97
So... What have I got to show today? The media homepage.
Here's what can be seen on the screenshot. Well, what matters most is that it's based upon Aeva Media 2.0, the commercial version. So you can see the RSS icons (I need to fix their alignments), the Playlists link, things like that.

Also promi…
Jul 16, 2011
in Wedge Screenshots
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Menu and buttons...
Here you can see a few of the Wedge features in a single shot.<br /><br />The admin menu (using the same code as the main menu), when opened, shows separators that help group features by theme, and eventually helping find them faster. Separators are easy to add in a menu: just insert an empty entry.…
Jul 15, 2011
in Wedge Screenshots
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Inverted topic view
As always -- work in progress! Eventually users should be able to choose their own favorite layout.<br />Also shows an embedded media item. The BBCode for it is as follows:<br />[media id=6 type=preview caption="This is a media item, powered by Aeva Media, an integral part of Wedge." align=center].
Jul 15, 2011
in Wedge Screenshots
 Views: 1588
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