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In iPod 094 - Posted Jan 20, 2017
Oh, how I miss that show... Well, the first 3 seasons... (Basically what they shot BEFORE I took those pictures, ahah.)
In Aeva Media 2.10 - Posted Feb 09, 2015
This error occurs if you currently have a version < 2.0 installed, and you're upgrading to the latest Aeva Media 2. The solution is to uninstall, install v2.04, then uninstall and install v2.10.

I never came around to fix it, sorry. Also, I don't have v2.04 around... Maybe someone else could share it..?
Alternatively, it can be fixed by modifying the database manually, but I'm not 100% sure what the change would be -- I haven't touched this in 4 years and only selling a few copies a year by now.

I believe it's in smf_aeva_files, and the transparency field is enum('transparent', 'opaque') for you, and it should instead be enum('', 'transparent', 'opaque') (notice the extra empty element at the beginning), so that it accepts empty entries. Just change it through phpMyAdmin and tell me if it worked... (By PM, preferably!)
In running Wedge! - Posted Nov 22, 2012
In running Wedge! - Posted Mar 23, 2012
Yes, it will be free... <yawn> ::)
In Topic view - Posted Jul 15, 2011
You have to see it in action I suppose. ;)

Please comment on the blog post everyone! Better for a full on conversation. :)
In iPod 083 - Posted May 30, 2011
Yes it is. This is where they're shooting British show Merlin, near Paris.
In iPod 094 - Posted May 07, 2011
Yeah, it's the film crew for the British TV show called Merlin. Pierrefonds in France is where they shoot all of the Camelot castle scenes.