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Re: New revs
« Reply #1140, on October 31st, 2011, 12:14 PM »
(1 modified, 4KB)

Revision: 1140
Author: arantor
Date: 11:14:19, 31 October 2011
! If the error was logged by the code itself rather than an actual error condition, identify the file it came from for the purposes of plugin detection but dump it after that to avoid clogging the DB. (Errors.php)
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Errors.php
Re: New revs
« Reply #1141, on November 1st, 2011, 12:40 AM »
(4 modified, 3KB)

Revision: 1141
Author: arantor
Date: 23:39:27, 31 October 2011
! Don't bother logging the session id of the user when an error is logged. Makes the table smaller, the log view smaller and means users don't get presented with something that almost never means anything to them anyway. (install.sql, Errors.php, ManageErrors.php, Errors.template.php)
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Errors.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/ManageErrors.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/Errors.template.php
Modified : /trunk/other/install.sql

@ C-c-c-combo breaker, the last 9 commits or so were absolute alternating ones :P
Re: New revs
« Reply #1142, on November 1st, 2011, 11:38 AM »
(2 modified, 1KB)

Revision: 1142
Author: arantor
Date: 10:37:35, 01 November 2011
! The board listing had an extra quote in it when using a custom class for a given board's icon. (Boards.template.php, MessageIndex.template.php)
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/Boards.template.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/MessageIndex.template.php
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Re: New revs
« Reply #1143, on November 2nd, 2011, 06:53 PM »
rev 1143 (while waiting for the thought system to be operational...)
(7 files, 9kb)

* Made array_insert() twice faster. Yay. And again: it's only for arrays with keys. Otherwise, use array_splice(). (Subs.php)

! IE9 and lower wouldn't like custom CSS rule "gradient: rgb(...), rgb(...)" because rgb() wasn't taken into account by the rgba2rgb regex. (Class-CSS.php)

- Couple of extra globals that shouldn't be there. I'm not sure it's worth checking them all though... (SSI.php)

- Removed session-related text strings for the error log page. Also, the report e-mail don't submit a session ID, AFAIK. (ManageMaintenance.language.php, SendTopic.template.php)

* $scripturl replacement. (Welcome.template.php)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1144, on November 3rd, 2011, 09:49 AM »
rev 1144 (there are still something like 25+ files left to commit for the thought system so I'm trying to split it as much as possible...)
(5 files, 9kb)

! Error messages like double quotes better than HTML tags. Also added a few thought system strings for later (eh, didn't want to bother removing them just for that fix.) (index.language.php)

! Fixed broken array_insert in the template object, simplified array insertion in another area, and added strict test in the array_insert function itself. (Subs-Template.php, Subs.php)

- Can no longer set personal text from the profile area. This is because it'll be set through the sidebar starting in my next commit. (Profile-Modify.php)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1145, on November 3rd, 2011, 09:44 PM »
And here it is... The thought system.

rev 1145
(26 files, 47kb) (now we're talking!)

+ Added the Thought system from into Wedge. Oh yes. Needs a lot of work though, as it only barely works for now. (install.sql, Ajax.php, Load.php, Profile-View.php, Subs-Members.php, index.template.php, Profile.template.php, index.language.php, Profile.language.php, script.js)

+ Added a 'data' field to the members table, that will hold a serialized array of variables that are only used by the current user. Added updateMyData() function which will cater for it. (install.php, install.sql, wedge_api.php, Load.php, Register.php, Subs-Members.php, Subs.php)

+ Added silent support for specific categories when populating the JumpTo object. I use that on Noisen, but I doubt it'll be of any use to anyone else... But never say never. (Ajax.php)

- Removed default_personal_text, which never made sense to me anyway. It probably had some use, for some people... Not for us. (install.sql, wedge_api.php, upgrade.sql, ManageMemberOptions.php, Subs-Members.php, Help.language.php, ManageSettings.language.php)

* personal_text is now parsed for BBCode. To preserve performance, this is being done when writing said text. We could possibly force reparsing when doing changes to the BBCode but right now it seems all right for me to do it this way. I have a feeling this is going to come back and bite my ass... (Ajax.php, Load.php)

* Reordering classes in the main script file, so that they follow each other. (script.js)

* $context['user'] should hold more references to $user_info, instead of copies. (Load.php)

* Minor optimizations/layout changes/bug fixes/HTML5 tags not worth documenting. (Class-DB.php, Subs.php, Display.template.php, PersonalMessage.template.php, Post.language.php)

@ Note: Pete, the keys in the thoughts table probably need some fine-tuning... Also, many things are not implemented yet: re-tweeting thoughts (if we ever do that), importing tweets (same, obviously), properly re-attributing master/parent IDs when deleting members or thoughts, etc. We should also consider whether to delete the dummy 'data'=>'' definitions and really, *all* dummy empty strings when registering a member or things like that... Fields all have a default setting, no point in setting them IMO!
Re: New revs
« Reply #1146, on November 3rd, 2011, 10:23 PM »
rev 1146
(1 file, 25kb) (because so many lines are slightly modified.)

* Use default, not DEFAULT, to harmonize the sql dump. (install.sql)

* Turned all numeric defaults in the installer to actual numbers. (install.sql)

* Turned a few numeric fields to use unsigned, such as one-char tinyints that wouldn't even accept a minus sign: attachments:id_folder/approved, categories:can_collapse, mail_queue:private, media_albums:featured/approved/hidden, media_items:approved/last_viewed, polls:voting_locked. (install.sql)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1147, on November 4th, 2011, 07:15 PM »
rev 1147
(6 files, 16kb)

* Okay, that members table is really too confusing... Reordered all fields thematically (PM, login dates, group memberships...), which should at least save me from a seizure in the future. (install.sql)

* The thought system doesn't work better than last time, but at least some of its code now makes more sense. (Ajax.php, index.template.php, script.js)

! Fixed an Opera glitch where browsing with a small viewport would trigger the resize event as expected, but return wrong dimensions. It seems that it needed more time to calculate it, so I simply call the function twice. I'm not sure it's worth limiting the second call to Opera, as it could be helpful to other browsers too. (index.template.php)

! HTML validation error in the thought postbox. (index.template.php)

! Fixed sidebar link colors and floated the avatar to the right, to fix erratic behavior. (index.css)

* Indenazi. (Post.php)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1148, on November 4th, 2011, 11:14 PM »
rev 1148
(1 file, 5kb)

* The thought system now works correctly. Yay! Click the current thought (or the Modify link) to update it. Click the New link to insert a new one. Next: start work on replying/editing replies... (Ajax.php)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1149, on November 5th, 2011, 06:17 PM »
rev 1149 (desperately looking for a better icon now... -_- Even Fugue has nothing worthy.)
(5 files +2-1, 13kb)

+ Added an icon for thoughts. It's not very good though... But I can't get myself to make a better one. (index.template.php, icons/thought.png, index.member.css)

! Header links needed fixing, especially in the sidebar. (index.css, Warm/index.css)

* Replaced the feed icon with a smaller, and just as good, GIF version. (feed.gif, feed.png, sections.css)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1150, on November 6th, 2011, 07:33 PM »
rev 1150
(7 files, 8kb)

- Removed a few variable assignations when it comes to simple MySQL queries that don't return any data (UPDATE, DELETE...) (ManageSettings.php, Aeva-Foxy.php, Aeva-Gallery.php, ManageMedia2.php, Subs-Media.php, RemoveTopic.php, Subs-Boards.php)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1151, on November 6th, 2011, 10:40 PM »Last edited on November 6th, 2011, 10:53 PM by Nao
rev 1151
(11 files, 24kb)

+ Finished implementing 90% of the thought system. Correctly supporting privacy and deletion, added a privacy setting allowing the redistribution of your thought (as personal text, and possibly later published on a third-party website), (Ajax.php, Profile-View.php, index.template.php, index.language.php, script.js, index.member.css)

* Renamed ajax_indicator(true) to show_ajax(), and ajax_indicator(false) to hide_ajax(). It's shorter and hopefully easier to understand... (Packages.template.php, register.js, script.js, stats.js, topic.js)

@ Although I have yet to commit a working list of thoughts with edit/reply/delete links, it works on my local copy. Delete and Profile area need some refining, and we need to test the feature from beginning to end. Also in desperate need of a short string to replace the word 'Blurb' in the language file... And we need to add newly added replies to #new_thoughts. And maybe rename Thoughts to something else..? 'Words', maybe? I like the sound of it, probably because it starts with a W.

:edit: we also need to do something to ensure that reply input boxes are shown below the original thought, rather than replace it (like an edit.)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1152, on November 7th, 2011, 11:17 PM »
rev 1152
(3 files, 14kb) (I hate it when a very long day of work ends up as a one-line changelog... >_<)

* Moved profile thoughts to their own sub-page, and implemented proper nesting. (Profile-View.php, Profile.php, Profile.template.php)
Re: New revs
« Reply #1153, on November 8th, 2011, 10:38 PM »
rev 1153
(6 files, 9kb)

* Thought reply/edit/delete button are now generated through JavaScript, to save bandwidth. Well, on my local install it used to be done in the HTML... (index.template.php, script.js, index.member.css)

+ Forgot to add a cache flush for pretty URLs when moving topics. I'm not even sure it'll run, since I don't use the high-level cache and this is some awfully ugly raw code. Pete? (MoveTopic.php)

* Not even worth mentioning. (RemoveTopic.php, Subs-BBC.php)


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Re: New revs
« Reply #1154, on November 11th, 2011, 01:55 AM »
(38KB, modified 51, deleted 11)

Revision: 1154
Author: arantor
Date: 00:55:08, 11 November 2011
- Removed the calendar. (Many files, more than I really want to list, everything in this commit is related; every place that has hooks added should also have calendar code removed in its stead.)
+ New hooks (ManagePlugins.php, Security.php, RepairBoards.php, Settings.template.php, Subs-Boards.php, SplitTopics.php, Post.php)

@ Not every trace of the calendar is gone. Notably, the 'which day to start the calendar' is still in the profile area, because there's no sane way to hook it at this time (because the profile options needs an overhaul), there's a couple of strings with calendar_ prefixes that are used elsewhere to the calendar, there's one place in the quick moderation that needs a hook attached, and lastly the menu icon is still part of the icons sprite. That needs to be split off and made accessible to the menu loader. But pretty much everything is. Everything seems to work with the calendar removed, and it's unknown whether the calendar as a plugin works, but we'll see when we get there...
Modified : /trunk/SSI.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Admin.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Boards.php
Deleted : /trunk/Sources/Calendar.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Class-DBPackages.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Display.php
Deleted : /trunk/Sources/ManageCalendar.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/ManageMaintenance.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/ManagePermissions.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/ManagePlugins.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/MoveTopic.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Post.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Post2.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/QuickMod.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/RemoveTopic.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/RepairBoards.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Reports.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Security.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/SplitTopics.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Subs-Boards.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Subs-Cache.php
Deleted : /trunk/Sources/Subs-Calendar.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Subs.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Themes.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Welcome.php
Modified : /trunk/Sources/Who.php
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/Calendar.template.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/Display.template.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/InfoCenter.template.php
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/ManageCalendar.template.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/Post.template.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/Profile.template.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/Settings.template.php
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/images/admin/calendar.gif
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/images/admin/calendar.png
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/images/admin/calendar_off.png
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/images/admin/calendar_on.png
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Admin.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Admin.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Errors.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Errors.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Help.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Help.french.php
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/ManageCalendar.english.php
Deleted : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/ManageCalendar.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/ManageMaintenance.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/ManageMaintenance.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/ManagePermissions.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/ManagePermissions.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Reports.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Reports.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Who.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/Who.french.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/index.english.php
Modified : /trunk/Themes/default/languages/index.french.php
Modified : /trunk/index.php
Modified : /trunk/other/install.sql
Modified : /trunk/other/ssi_examples.php
Modified : /trunk/other/tools/repair.php
Modified : /trunk/other/unittest/tests/Class-UnitTest_tidyhtml.php
Modified : /trunk/other/upgrade.php
Modified : /trunk/other/xml/detailed-version.php