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[XML] Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Had a weird issue with SimpleXML,got a error message when I went to installed plugins,and could not approach plugins anymore.

Be able to solve this issue,by installing php7.0-xml
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sudo apt-get install php7.0-xml
followed by a restart service apache
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sudo service apache2 restart
and after that a reload
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sudo systemctl daemon-reload


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Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Good to know, I suppose!
Personally never got any problems. I don't even remember that Wedge uses SimpleXML... (??)
Not there any many plugins anyway, so I don't exactly spend my time in that section..!
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Quote from Nao on January 20th, 2017, 04:26 PM
wesql::get('SELECT @@sql_mode') ==> returns NOTHING in Wedge... returns an actual string in phpMyAdmin. WUT?!
wesql::query('SET session sql_mode = "TRADITIONAL"', array('security_override' => true)); ==> does nothing. Strict mode still at work.

Anyone inspired by this..? Maybe it's a server problem.
I forgot about that. Just wanted to reply, 'nope'.
It only works if calling mysqli_query directly. Obviously when you JUST got the database connection, it's unlikely that query() actually has everything it needs to do a proper request. ;)


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Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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I have to migrate so I'm trying PHP 7.2 now...

I have an issue.

When I post a message, it works but then I get a white page... don't know why.
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Not sure it is a PHP 7.2 issue though.
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Is there an exhaustive list of the (for example) Debian packages required for Wedge ?
Can't find any, I guess I might be missing smething for my install.
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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With a fresh install I have no issue.

I'll try a more proper migration :whistle:
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Quote from Kian on November 23rd, 05:29 PM

With a fresh install I have no issue.

I'll try a more proper migration :whistle:
But then, when I setup the new installation with my produciton database, same issue.

I guess it's located in my DB...
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Guess I'll have to migrate table after table...
Re: Wedge&PHP 7
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Well, well.

Just downgraded to PHP 5.6, it works...