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Read this first!
« on March 29th, 2011, 01:55 PM »
Welcome to the official Wedge forum. Please read this small introduction and guidelines for posting.

- Wedge is a fork of popular forum software SMF. Meaning we started building our software using a copy of SMF 2.0. It is legal to do it, just not legal to distribute it. The SMF team announced a year ago that once SMF 2.0 Final would be released, the license would be changed to one that would allow forks to be distributed.

- Wedge is not SMF. Even if it uses the same source originally, it has changed a lot, and it's going in a different direction. We have no official contact with the SMF team, we don't know their plans for future versions of SMF, just as they don't know our plans for Wedge. Please do not think that "it would be nice if Wedge could do this while SMF does that". We're not doing this with regards to what SMF is doing. We're just doing our thing.

- We're doing Wedge for ourselves first. After many years of frustration with the SMF software, we wanted to build something that would merge the best of SMF, with the best of our ideas for it. As long as Wedge is not officially out, it can evolve massively. We ask you not to post "feature suggestions" to the forum. We're okay with very small changes if they make sense to us, but we already have our hands full with the features we're already working on implementing. And believe us -- that's a lot of work.

- We're not trying to make everyone move to Wedge when it comes out. So, please don't try the usual "implement this, or I won't switch to Wedge" message. You will only be ignored. And even if we reply, our ready-made answer to anything like that will be "stay with SMF, then."

- You may post in the Pub area, but please make sure not to ask anything that isn't already mentioned in the FAQ section.

(This post will be updated if anything comes up that should be presented to new users immediately.)