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Support / Re: error 500 after server change
« on August 22nd, 06:21 PM by Nao »
Oh, good then!
Support / Re: error 500 after server change
« on July 27th, 10:05 AM by Kian »
Nevermind, I repaired my old server :-)
Support / Re: error 500 after server change
« on July 24th, 02:52 PM by Kian »
Quote from Nao on March 21st, 2014, 03:04 PM
It only shows up if you MOVE the data from a server to another, not if you create the data on the final server..?

Then it's a permission issue, isn't it...??!
Yes, I actually just migrated from my last work to a VPS at OVH restoring my last backup.

Whenever I post a message, I get this server error (Apache code 500), though the messages is correctly posted.

Still trying to figure this out.
I may be missing mods or having permission issues.

Code: [Select] - - [24/Jul/2018:14:53:45 +0200] "POST /?board=22;action=post2 HTTP/1.1" 500 434 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.99 Safari/537.36"

I could be missing a module :

Code: [Select]
root@vps569571:/etc/apache2/mods-available# ls
access_compat.load  authnz_fcgi.load      cern_meta.load     dump_io.load       lbmethod_bybusyness.load  mpm_prefork.conf     proxy_ftp.conf       rewrite.load           status.conf
actions.conf        authnz_ldap.load      cgid.conf          echo.load          lbmethod_byrequests.load  mpm_prefork.load     proxy_ftp.load       sed.load               status.load
actions.load        authz_core.load       cgid.load          env.load           lbmethod_bytraffic.load   mpm_worker.conf      proxy_hcheck.load    session_cookie.load    substitute.load
alias.conf          authz_dbd.load        cgi.load           expires.load       lbmethod_heartbeat.load   mpm_worker.load      proxy_html.conf      session_crypto.load    suexec.load
alias.load          authz_dbm.load        charset_lite.load  ext_filter.load    ldap.conf                 negotiation.conf     proxy_html.load      session_dbd.load       unique_id.load
allowmethods.load   authz_groupfile.load  data.load          file_cache.load    ldap.load                 negotiation.load     proxy_http2.load     session.load           userdir.conf
asis.load           authz_host.load       dav_fs.conf        filter.load        log_debug.load            php7.0.conf          proxy_http.load      setenvif.conf          userdir.load
auth_basic.load     authz_owner.load      dav_fs.load        headers.load       log_forensic.load         php7.0.load          proxy.load           setenvif.load          usertrack.load
auth_digest.load    authz_user.load       dav.load           heartbeat.load     lua.load                  proxy_ajp.load       proxy_scgi.load      slotmem_plain.load     vhost_alias.load
auth_form.load      autoindex.conf        dav_lock.load      heartmonitor.load  macro.load                proxy_balancer.conf  proxy_wstunnel.load  slotmem_shm.load       xml2enc.load
authn_anon.load     autoindex.load        dbd.load           http2.load         mime.conf                 proxy_balancer.load  ratelimit.load       socache_dbm.load
authn_core.load     buffer.load           deflate.conf       ident.load         mime.load                 proxy.conf           reflector.load       socache_memcache.load
authn_dbd.load      cache_disk.conf       deflate.load       imagemap.load      mime_magic.conf           proxy_connect.load   remoteip.load        socache_shmcb.load
authn_dbm.load      cache_disk.load       dialup.load        include.load       mime_magic.load           proxy_express.load   reqtimeout.conf      speling.load
authn_file.load     cache.load            dir.conf           info.conf          mpm_event.conf            proxy_fcgi.load      reqtimeout.load      ssl.conf
authn_socache.load  cache_socache.load    dir.load           info.load          mpm_event.load            proxy_fdpass.load    request.load         ssl.load
root@vps569571:/etc/apache2/mods-available# ls ../mods-enabled/
access_compat.load  auth_basic.load  authz_core.load  autoindex.conf  deflate.load  env.load     mime.load         negotiation.conf  php7.0.load      setenvif.conf  status.load
alias.conf          authn_core.load  authz_host.load  autoindex.load  dir.conf      filter.load  mpm_prefork.conf  negotiation.load  reqtimeout.conf  setenvif.load
alias.load          authn_file.load  authz_user.load  deflate.conf    dir.load      mime.conf    mpm_prefork.load  php7.0.conf       reqtimeout.load  status.conf
Features / Re: Language revs
« on July 2nd, 11:59 AM by Nao »
[Commit revision a440d0a]
Author: dragomano (Signed-off)
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 11:59:20 +0200
Stats: 39 files changed; +8385 (insertions), -0 (deletion)

  • First commit (Russian translation) (#77)
Off-topic / Re: Designs / Themes ?
« on June 17th, 10:58 AM by Nao »
No it's still under development.
There's a difference between something being abandoned and something being feature complete and no longer needing extensive development. I do fix some minor bugs that show up, as they are reported to me. Sometimes I even add minor improvements based on my experience with Lestrade's (my Wedge-based site).
Thing is, I'm not forcing Wedge down anyone's throat-- it's up to you guys whether or not you want to contribute skins to it.
One of the features in Lestrade's is a dark skin which is generated automatically from a light skin but it's too specific for widespread use, unless I backport it as is.
Off-topic / Re: Designs / Themes ?
« on June 5th, 10:41 AM by fatguy »

thanks. but i deleted wedge most posts are older and it looks like not longer under development. Its a 1.0 Beta Version? 2014? :(

friendly regards
Off-topic / Re: Designs / Themes ?
« on June 5th, 08:49 AM by Drunken Clam »

Hi and welcome!

Wedge uses 'Skins' to change the way it looks etc. Take a look HERE, then do a search for 'Skins'.

I've not played around with them myself but from what I've read, they are quite funky!
Off-topic / Designs / Themes ?
« on June 4th, 05:31 PM by fatguy »
Hi Guys,

wedge looks minimalist and just nice but are there any public themes / styles here or do you know any pages/ market places that sell themes for wedge ?

Friendly Regards
fatguy :)
Features / Re: New revs
« on May 23rd, 02:10 PM by Nao »
[Commit revision 1ecc209]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:40:23 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +5 (insertions), -2 (deletions)

  • Just a quick debug option in MySQL processing to view complex queries instead of executing them. (Class-DB.php)
  • I'm back! Well, I was never gone... Just didn't bother backporting all of my changes.

[Commit revision 18c6ad0]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:41:05 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +13 (insertions), -3 (deletions)

  • Added timeout options to the CURL manager. (Class-WebGet.php)

[Commit revision 7f83673]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:41:55 +0200
Stats: 2 files changed; +27 (insertions), -14 (deletions)

  • Extra fixes to handle situations where an error is being shown recursively. (Errors.php, Subs-Template.php)

[Commit revision 31e2141]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:45:13 +0200
Stats: 2 files changed; +3 (insertions), -3 (deletions)

  • Harmonizing http to https links for, even if not exactly 'followed'. (Feed.php, Themes.php)

[Commit revision 35ed2bf]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:46:21 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +7 (insertions), -6 (deletions)

  • Very minor session changes that have always worked fine on Lestrade's, so I'm guessing they're good enough for production. (Load.php)

[Commit revision 2652bcc]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:47:24 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +2 (insertions), -1 (deletion)

  • Added support for APCU in APC cache system detection. Not sure if I need to change something else... I don't remember. I don't really use those on my server. (ManageServer.php)

[Commit revision 55bab3f]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:48:07 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +7 (insertions), -27 (deletions)

  • Used wesql::get() instead of query() on some outdated queries. (Stats.php)

[Commit revision f30b7ef]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:49:02 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +8 (insertions), -3 (deletions)

  • Protecting "content: url(...)" from being screwed up by Wess. (Subs-Cache.php)

[Commit revision 9cd3b98]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:50:37 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +7 (insertions), -7 (deletions)

  • This is more of a test than anything else... (?) Using ENT_NOQUOTES here and there when generating e-mails, instead of ENT_QUOTES or the default setting. Again, this has been in use for a long time on Lestrade's with no issues. I don't remember why I made that change but I'm sure it was for the best. (Subs-Post.php)

[Commit revision 805a359]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:51:12 +0200
Stats: 1 file changed; +1 (insertion), -1 (deletion)

  • Thought likes notifications require BBC parsing. (Likes.php)

[Commit revision 1e2eaf9]
Author: Nao
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:53:14 +0200
Stats: 2 files changed; +11 (insertions), -11 (deletions)

  • Reordering some HTML parameters for easier HTML buffer post-processing. Maybe one day I'll move over all of my code to Wedge so you can see what I meant. (ManageModeration.template.php, ManagePlugins.template.php)
Features / Re: New revs
« on May 8th, 01:59 AM by Nao »
I just realized it'll soon be 6 months since my last commit to the Wedge codebase...

Does this mean it's... Complete?
Or that I simply wasn't in the mood?
(A lot of things changed in my life right after that last commit, actually.)