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Features / Re: Resize images no in Wedge?
« on December 17th, 2020, 02:54 PM by Nao »
Isn't this working..? ;)
FAQs / [FAQ] Re: Who's working on it?
« on December 17th, 2020, 02:53 PM by Nao »
I don't believe so, indeed.
I never worked on SimpleDesk myself, and never had plans to.
Off-topic / Re: My Journey with Wedge.
« on December 17th, 2020, 02:51 PM by Nao »
I'm afraid the project isn't really a priority for me any more...
I'm only dropping by occasionally, just to make sure nobody has found any bugs I wasn't aware of.

I think there's a sample mod somewhere to demonstrate how to convert from SMF2, but honestly, I'm not even _sure_ about that.
Surprisingly, doing the conversion work was very quick & easy, and I just didn't spend a lot of time on it.
Off-topic / Re: Is Wedge free?
« on December 17th, 2020, 02:48 PM by Nao »
Yes. And I'm planning to re-release it with a MIT license, in the future. (I already secured Arantor's approval, and I think anyone else will be happy about it.)
Meaning if someone wants to fork it and take over, they can.
I'd just be glad to see some of my favorite things, such as the Wess module, being reused elsewhere...

(Note: actually, you can already consider the current version to be MIT, in case you want to start doing something. Disregard the license. If you need to release your fork, you'll have to get in touch with me so that I release the MIT update in the meantime, though!)
Off-topic / Re: Is Wedge free?
« on November 28th, 2020, 02:36 PM by Drunken Clam »
Off-topic / Is Wedge free?
« on November 23rd, 2020, 11:51 PM by andrewyang »
Is Wedge free? and if it is free will it always be free?.
Off-topic / Re: My Journey with Wedge.
« on November 19th, 2020, 10:16 AM by sasha-wedge »
Quote from Nao on August 29th, 2020, 12:38 PM's very easy to port SMF 2.x mods to Wedge...
Wedge is the finest build! She just admires me! And I really want to use it, but I am stopped by the lack of some functions I need. Is it possible to make an instruction on this, understandable even for beginners. This will help many people use the wedge. Thanks!
Features / Re: Resize images no in Wedge?
« on September 19th, 2020, 02:44 AM by forumovod »
large photo test 4320х3240
FAQs / [FAQ] Re: Who's working on it?
« on September 7th, 2020, 02:08 AM by forumovod »
Quote from Nao on November 9th, 2010, 02:10 PM
Currently, Wedge is developed by its creators and project managers.

* Peter Spicer ("Arantor") is the creator and main developer of SimpleDesk.
Did I understand correctly that Arantor is not in the team? So this version is a completed Wedge project and there are no plans to make new versions?
Features / Re: Resize images no in Wedge?
« on September 7th, 2020, 01:27 AM by forumovod »
Quote from Nao on September 6th, 2020, 04:21 PM
This can bet done with CSS and, ideally, a tiny bit of JavaScript... You don't even need a mod for that...
I'm not a programmer.
So I can only suggest that you add this useful option to Wedge.