[FAQ] How can I become a friend?


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[FAQ] How can I become a friend?
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The Friend group is not an "elite" group, it's just a private group of people who freely discuss the project and share sensible material about it. Because we can't (and don't really want to) release everything to the public right now, we're trying to keep our numbers low. Basically, the more committed you are to discussing Wedge, the more likely you are to catch our attention. If we already know you well, chances are we forgot to invite you. Just ask for it then.
Please note that if you are to become a 'Friend', you'll have to sacrifice your firstborn to us, and promise you won't discuss anything private outside of our private boards.

Our intention is to make as much as possible (90%+) of the currently private content, an actual part of the public area once we can safely release it. Among other things, we will publish discussions about features that ended up not being implemented, in case you want to make your opinion known.