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Plugins / Re: Plugin request - Ad Management
« on June 18th, 2017, 11:32 AM »
I honestly believe wedge will really archive great success in the number of forum owners running their forum on wedge if the ad management plugin is implemented. Not just an ad management plugin, but a plugin that can accommodate ads display even on a mobile device or wireless device. 
Quote from Zeyad_Ahmed on May 29th, 2017, 01:27 AM
Here is it
Thank you for this screenshot, this is excitedly how it display on UCbrowser and that was why i started this post but could not take a screenshot of it.

It will be nice if wedge great developers could look into this, instead of just saying it works well on chrome. its not all the website running on wedge that will actually be access via chrome by users .
Hi Neo, nice to read from you. You have done an excellent work on wedge. However
I don't use UCBrowser, I'm not Chinese I'm afraid.
Yea wedge is not for you alone Neo, but for your users which will definitely cut across the world, especially from 3rd world countries like Africa, where most users are still on low end phones.
As for WAP and WAP2, it doesn't do anything special. SMF does it I'm sure, but we're not in 1999 anymore, as far as I know
Yea i agree with you on this. Thanks for bringing wedge to live, we have waited this long to use it. Please test run it on other browsers.
Ok thanks for the info. Well on UCbrowser on Android phone the wedge mobile appearance is distorted especially the message body. But on Opera mini its quite ok. I will checkout the other skin of wedge as you suggested.
Yea on my mobile phone, its no different from that of wedge full version.
Greetings, am happy to be here.
I have a question, How is wedge displaying on Wap, Wap2 devices (Mobile phones). i am not too happy with the mobile display of my site and i am hoping to jump over to wedge.

Please share your site and lets see how it display on mobile phones.