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Aver Media 2.1 disappointment
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I am disappointed by Aver Media 2.1.

This plugin is not usable. I even koplett reinstalled my forum. There are no other plug-ins installed in the SMF and Aver Media 2.1 can not yet install it always comes the error message:


So the same thing tomarppe faulted.

Please make a change that the plugin also faultless with SMF 2.0.11 or 2.0.xx works, you also requires so money for the plugin. Since you can expect that it usually works fine.


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Re: Aver Media 2.1 disappointment
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Where can I get the version 2.04 here. Can you give me a link where I can download this version?


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Re: Aver Media 2.1 disappointment
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Quote from MacPio
Can you give me a link where I can download this version?
Try this:
First created an account at first,after that logged in on the forum!),then you can download it on this very board immediately after your purchase.

Or even better start using Wedge
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Re: Aver Media 2.1 disappointment
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BTW version 2.04 is now available in the same place as v2.10... It was an oversight on my part.

As Frenich said, the fact that AeMe is a paid-for plugin is also an encouragement to use Wedge instead -- it's basically SMF on steroids + AeMe 2.10 with improvements, and it's free.
Of course, you can't know whether it'll keep being updated, but then how do you know that for SMF instead... ;)