Wedge to SMF2 importer ?


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Re: Wedge to SMF2 importer ?
« Reply #3, on February 23rd, 2015, 08:15 PM »
- I don't use infractions, so to me fixing them is not a priority because I wouldn't even know where to start... Also, SMF doesn't have them, so..??
- The mail area is something I've been working on, I actually think it works better than SMF at this point... However, it's best to use UTF-8 everywhere. I haven't read your topic yet, though.

And to answer your question, no, there is no converter *to* SMF, but there is no converter *from* SMF either, it's actually an *importer*, which is much better because it lets you try out Wedge ALONGSIDE your SMF install, and then if you like it, you do the import again and you move your Wedge folder in place of your SMF folder. Done!

I'm actually preparing to switch to Wedge, just saying...