I'd like to be removed from Wedge
« on September 2nd, 2014, 03:11 PM »
I've nothing against WEDGE or anyone here, But just can't see being a part of something, I can't contribute to, in some meaningful way and If could I'd stay, that  is, if it was wanted!

I have remove myself from several other sites , some with no drama and a few with a storm and they jailed/suspend me after I ask several times to be romoved lol! when they are ones in jail, I just broke out.

Anyway I'm happy working on the Team at ezPortal and we are moving right along, as most of the SMF and some Mod sites, are at a stand still and have been for a few years. ( not here )!

I really like this Wedge thing and wish Nao and this site/project, the very best and to prosper, as it is a very nice system inside and out, ( at least as I can tell) !d
I will continue Doing what I do, the themes and testing and help at the site I mentioned along with Crip's site as promised, before He passed on to the other side of the threshold.

This is the only site, that I asked to be removed, this way and probably, the only one that desires and explanation.

I have tried all the time help toughs in need, even the ones that Nao knows did not desire it, but those sites, people are water under the bridge, and they show their darken colors and thoughts and this is why I left them. I always say what's on my mind and what I thinks and feel to be the facts, and some do not want to hear the truth. But it is what is!

If I did or said anything to offend anyone here, it was not my intention!

Thanks for giving all your time and work to the community and I would like bid you all fair Well!

kind regards,


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