Dynamic CAPTCHAs


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Dynamic CAPTCHAs
« on May 6th, 2011, 07:31 PM »
Feature: Dynamic CAPTCHAs
Developer: Arantor
Target: users, admins
Status: 100% (complete; by its nature, more captchas will be added in the future as needed.)

A captcha is a script that shows an image with usually some text in it, and asks you to confirm what the image says. It's a relatively effective measure taken against spam bots, but it only works as long as bots aren't updated to be able to decrypt the captcha. For that reason, new captchas need to be used as soon as one is found to be ineffective against non-human spam.
Wedge gets around this by implementing a more robust captcha system. It's built as a plug-in system that allows you to write your own captchas, or simply drop in new captchas written by others. One captcha = one file in the captcha folder. As simple as that. Wedge includes 10 new captchas, some of which use animated GIFs built dynamically.

Re: Dynamic CAPTCHAs
« Reply #16, on February 28th, 2013, 02:02 AM »
these are ideas I like to research:

1. why are you applying for membership to this community? on sign up.
Or how do you plan to contribute to this community? on sign up.
2. first 10 or so post, have random are you human questions, ( I mentioned this to Arnator, and he brought up the fact the numbers are too easy to overcome), so I'm suggestion word questions instead.

But there is no sure way, and some of the most used methods, ban too many IP's so you may not get any sign ups.

And the Real Humans are being used, more and more as we speak.

And I also am opposed to 3rd arty stuff :)JMHO

Re: Dynamic CAPTCHAs
« Reply #17, on February 28th, 2013, 02:12 AM »
I should note I feel a lot more defensive about this feature today in particular having spent a couple of hours today replacing the fonts used by the image CAPTCHA due to licensing concerns.[1] And having to spend time cleaning up someone else's mess always puts me in a foul mood. >:(
 1. As documented on sm.org, I cannot find anything to suggest any fork, or SMF itself for that matter, actually has the right to use the bundled fonts.