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Post count permissions
« on February 10th, 2013, 10:46 PM »
I haven't raised this issue lately mostly because I wasn't very happy with what I'd proposed for it. But here we go.

In an ideal world, I'd ditch post count groups entirely. There are advantages to them, though, e.g. for badges and the like and if you want to provide access to boards based on post count.

But they raise issues with respect to things like permissions. Not so much from a technical standpoint, there it's all very convenient, of course - but from a usability standpoint.

Previously you'll remember my somewhat inflamed commentary on setting up post moderation using post count groups, and that exemplifies what's wrong with post count permissions. What strikes me, then, is that we actually need to set up a situation whereby we're not using post count permissions through groups.

So here's my proposal. Instead, we present the user with a UI, whereupon we can set rules. For example, grant 'lock own topics' to users once they have > 100 posts. You'd select the permission from a dropdown, set the minimum number of posts, optionally limit it within a board or similar, job done.

Where this gets really clever is that if I built it correctly with proper support from other areas, we can cleanly provide additional permissions for additional systems without having to fart about with magic group changes.

I know in the past users have wanted to do groups (and by extension, permissions) based on time since registration, karma, and even topic count. I see no reason why we couldn't set these things up with this system if handled properly. (It would mean, for performance, having to track these things, but that's not exactly a hardship to set up)

What it would mean, though, is that we'd have a single UI that could do all this cleanly - and it wouldn't even trigger a performance hit under most circumstances because most of the time, none of this is even in use on most sites... so it's only a performance issue if you use it.

Does this sound sane? If it does, I'll go away and try building it.
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