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Quick WIP
« on February 4th, 2013, 06:15 AM »
About 50 minutes ago I realised it was 40 minutes until I should be going to bed, and I wondered how much of this I could conceivably pull off in 40 minutes.

Well, I got entrenched in a little bit more debugging than I'd hoped, but here's what I managed in that time. (The DB stuff works, the changes to the like handler work, now just need to add a button for it :whistle: (Nao, can you add the thumb up and maybe even thumb down icons to the icons that can be used in buttons please? I don't like touching that, it's an optimisational thing) Heck even the likes popup works.)

Code is a shade ugly and there's some slightly nasty abuses going on that proper refactoring should avoid (like where the likes handling takes place, right now Home just wholesale includes Display.php to get the likes handler)

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