Board Index Order & Purge Cache on Menu issues
Board Index Order & Purge Cache on Menu issues
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Board Index Order

When sort the board, it shows it sorted how want it in admin panel, yet will not actually sort it that way on board index.
See attached images.

Purge Cache on Menu

When hit this, get an error, and have to go into admin panel forum maintenance in order to clear the cache.
Type of error: Template
 http://www.<Cleared so people do not try to access>/index.php?action=uncache
 Unable to find the "main" template block.

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# dpkg-reconfigure brain
error: brain is not installed or configured


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Re: Board Index Order & Purge Cache on Menu issues
« Reply #3, on October 2nd, 2014, 12:55 AM »
However, now it will not show right after cache cleared from browser and from windows.
Even in new browser that never opened the site, still not ordered right.

SMF does not have the re-order for boards being drag and drop like Wedge, so I don't think there is any way it could be a SMF bug.
Also, I run about 10 SMF forums, none of which had any board ordering issues. (And I change things a lot on my sites...LOL)


Now, if go and edit each board, and change it's position that way, it works where both the list in admin and the board index match, like in SMF. So, it's the drag and drop part that is not working right.