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A year ago, on August 25, 2010, the first commit to the Wedge SVN server was made. I was hoping to get to rev 1000 before the first anniversary, but I tend to commit small bug fixes in a large batch so we 'only' reached the 965 commit milestone.

Well, a year later, what can be said of the project...? It already had a name back then, it still has the same. It had goals and a vision, it still does. Some adjustments were made to our schedule (personally, I decided to give up on a lot of the improvements I was planning to integrate, and will rewrite them later), and other things were pushed into the codebase as we went -- the product of being mainly fueled by passion, instead of money. I know, I know, it's a classic, but it's just the plain truth -- you can't work full time on an unpaid project for a year without some kind of solid passion and commitment. Back when we started the project, I wasn't 100% sure Pete would remain interested in the project in the long run. I was totally wrong, so I'd like to take the opportunity to give a big thumb up to him for being one of the driving forces (the other being me, but I may not say :P) behind the Wedge project, a shining beacon of courage and determination, a herdsman for the nerds, a vanquisher of spaghetti code and... What, I fully expect him to give me the same treatment in return! :niark:

(Oh, and in other news, apparently I'm back in the 'Friends' group at Can anyone tell me when this kind of thing happens? :P)

What better way to celebrate the first anniversary than to release a public alpha version! Yes!

Okay, I'm playing with your nerves... There is nothing (yet), but it won't be too long now. As the commit process is now a public one, you've all seen we're still as busy as ever to fix bugs and add new features. I can't honestly see myself release Wedge without having first integrated Aeva into the avatar and attachment system, and I can't work on that before I can fully focus on it. And this month has been doing a very good work at distracting me: Nightwish's fork (interesting ideas, it's definitely going to be the worthiest competitor to Wedge if Nightwish can keep up for another year :D), playing a little gem of a game played Xenoblade (okay, so I passed on other RPGs and JRPGs these last few months because they're time eaters, but the guy made one of my all-time top 3 games so I have to play his titles, even if unrelated to Xenogears), and more generally a personal burnout and declining health (I'm not one to complain, though. These things happen in cycles.)

In short: I don't remember my original schedule, but right now my personal target is for a demo in early September, and an alpha in late September or October. I'm still kind of wary about releasing my code to a general audience. It's our baby you know... We want Harvard for it. Hopefully it'll spawn into Facebook. Or something else.

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Quote from Nao on September 9th, 2011, 09:15 PM
An offline Borg unit? Must be painful! Sorry, must be 00000000!1
It sucked!  I ended up going to our towns library a few days since they have free WiFi just so I could do some things online.  Haven't spent that long not logging into Second Life or even just being online in I don't know how long.
Quote from Nao on September 9th, 2011, 09:27 PM
Hey, I'm a sucker for the best of all-- Locutus!
Interestingly this is the first place I've used Locutus or any borg as my avatar and I've been going by borg1985/borg for something like 12 years now.  :lol:

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GREAT! Congrats!

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Hey we're closing in on 14 months now :P