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Re: New revs
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[Commit revision e5868b1]
Author: Nao
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:28:38 +0100
Stats: 1 file changed; +77 (insertions), -77 (deletions)

  • Fixed lightness value being treated is a 0-1 float instead of a 0-100% value. (Class-CSS.php)
  • Changed all array()'s to [] while I was at it. Looks so cool. But, yeah, dream on, I won't do it across the entire project. Maybe just the commonly loaded files. This has no influence on performance, so it's just to a developer's benefit. (Class-CSS.php)
Re: New revs
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Re: New revs
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[Commit revision d9f6873]
Author: Nao
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:40:19 +0100
Stats: 1 file changed; +12 (insertions), -19 (deletions)

  • Simplified 'test' strings in the BBCode list. Looks like when the strings were originally moved to the database, extra useless backslashes were added to them. (Subs-BBC.php)
Re: New revs
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[Commit revision 7fdc0bd]
Author: Nao
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:28:03 +0100
Stats: 2 files changed; +6 (insertions), -6 (deletions)

  • This is a follow-up to rev c92eb3fb73b94a545029e73a830540e5779dfd5c from October 2013. I'd changed the Mark Topic as Unread system to better accomodate for infinite scrolling, but it also broke 'regular' use of the feature by resetting the read post counter to the beginning of the page, instead of the last unread post. I've tweaked the files to always reset to the last unread post, unless (1) you're on a read page (in which case it will mark the LAST post in THAT page as unread), (2) you're in infinite scrolling mode and you just viewed a new page (here it'll simply mark the penultimate read page's last post as unread.) This sounds complicated, but it works better for me. Until, of course, someone tells me it's broken... (Display.php, Subs-Boards.php)