Designs / Themes ?


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Designs / Themes ?
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Hi Guys,

wedge looks minimalist and just nice but are there any public themes / styles here or do you know any pages/ market places that sell themes for wedge ?

Friendly Regards
fatguy :)

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Re: Designs / Themes ?
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Hi and welcome!

Wedge uses 'Skins' to change the way it looks etc. Take a look HERE, then do a search for 'Skins'.

I've not played around with them myself but from what I've read, they are quite funky!


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Re: Designs / Themes ?
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thanks. but i deleted wedge most posts are older and it looks like not longer under development. Its a 1.0 Beta Version? 2014? :(

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Re: Designs / Themes ?
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No it's still under development.
There's a difference between something being abandoned and something being feature complete and no longer needing extensive development. I do fix some minor bugs that show up, as they are reported to me. Sometimes I even add minor improvements based on my experience with Lestrade's (my Wedge-based site).
Thing is, I'm not forcing Wedge down anyone's throat-- it's up to you guys whether or not you want to contribute skins to it.
One of the features in Lestrade's is a dark skin which is generated automatically from a light skin but it's too specific for widespread use, unless I backport it as is.