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Quote from Nao on January 2nd, 2014, 12:52 AM
Quote from BjornHK on December 24th, 2013, 04:22 PM
You know, I was thinking the same..I have an urge to release Protendo now, although there are much more I'd like to add to it. And there are some bugs in it. But not everything must be in right now anyway..just have to make sure I don't corner myself with features that cannot be easily changed later on. :D
Oh, you can always remove them, of course... Just like you can always remove your software and decide not to do anything.

Seriously... It's not funny. Closing down your website every other day, without any explanation, is not respectful of your users, and doesn't encourage them to post over there, because they can never know if their posts will survive your mood changes. People remember Blocweb, they remember ViennaBBS, they'll remember Protendo. Do you really, really want them to remember them for the bad reasons...?
Which users..?

No, that ship has sailed a long time ago, I just been ignoring it for some time. It doesn't really matter though, there are more important things in life. Jeff's sudden demise reminded us all of that, but the conclusion came to me long before that: to create something that demands a lot of time to promote, debug and improve(mostly from antipated wishes and changes from others) ..and then to do that all for free, with just the occasional "thanks" now and then? It might be enough a few years ago, but not now.

Better then to look forward and just use it for what it is, a playground for my ideas. There's enough already in it, to be as of use for my own websites, I don't need to see other people using it too.

So, yeah, its not funny,probably, but who cares?

I wish you the best with Wedge, you probably have a bigger "fire" for wanting users to actually use it, than I have for P, so I am convinced you will see it through to success - in whatever capacity that comes.


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Re: Happy Holidays !
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Who's Jeff? Not Jeff Lewis right..?

I don't have plans to take over the forum world. I had those in 2010 with Pete. But he went too much further from my original project (basically take Noisen and make it into a platform), and as years went by, it was clear the advance we had (HTML 5 stuff, jquery etc) was being canceled by the competition catching up with these important things while Pete was postponing Wedge to finish complicated Admin features he had his eyes on. It's partly my fault so I won't blame it all on him, but it's been a while since I've wanted to be at the top. Now I just want to be proud of what I did. And get something good out of it, even if it's not anything I wanted originally.

Seriously, ElkArte is doing fine so they're what Wedge ambitioned to be in 2010 (a fuck you to a dying SMF). Wedge is just a high five to power admins who don't like being held by the hand and want to put all their strength into something they can be proud of.

I'm just sad that you've been ignoring your users. Had you given some prior warning, it would have been okay. But at this point, even I have lost hope to see you release something. It's too bad because I really loved protendo's strengths, they were so close in spirit to my old work on Noisen.

"We will always have Vienna."

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Re: Happy Holidays !
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@Drunken Clam, ( thanks!)

Yes Crip Rest Peace, MY good friend and Brother.

@ Nao and BjornHK,

I love what you both are doing, I have no hard feelings and Can understand both sides. even though my work, is not as great you guys, or even close. I only do it to please me. in reality, on one side of coin, People when given the free keep asking for more and more, and you get very little in return at times, they keep asking for changes and doing things their way and get pissed when you disagree. I always felt pleasure in what I have done and I ask for opinions all the time, and some get them and sometimes not, but when it comes down to it what I real like is what counts.
But the n most important thing to me is, if someone or a least a few can learn from what I do, then this is the real reason we do what we do, along with our own learning along the way!

Before I was involved in SMF and or the Internet I did allot of things most can only dream doing,
I only I can appreciate that and take with me in the end.
Anything now is just a given, a day to make better and learn more from others and share it at the same time.

You only have one chance in life to do good or bad, and If you feel you can take the good with you then you done you deed my friends!

Just image what our Fathers before us had to do just get by! I mean everywhere and every body!

Just saying!

kind regards,


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Re: Happy Holidays !
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I'm sorry, I had never heard of him. Sorry for your loss.


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Re: Happy Holidays !
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RIP Crip.

He made a shed load of themes for SMF, in fact I use one of his themes on a site of mine.


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Re: Happy Holidays !
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Crip? I've used his theme in SMF. RIP Crip. Painful lost.

Re: Happy Holidays !
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Yes Crip has been inspired by Bloc and Making themes for many years now, what he called simple SMF themes always keeping with the SMF tradition yet expressing him self in the many 200- 500 themes he made ( maybe more ) was hard for me to keep up with them all - from around Version 1.1 till now 2.0.6, he was like a theme factory let tell ya! he was truly an amazon guy. He was also on the tiny portal support team and help anyone he could with many issue and concerns, asking nothing in return, though offered many times!
Jim and I, were real close with Jeff and always keep in touch with his family, when ever we felt he was not feeling well, he had suffer so many years and no one knew except those close by. great lose to the SMF community.  And Yes Bloc he - we know and appreciate all you have done also, will never forget... Thanks and May Jeff rest in peace: