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Quote from Nao on January 2nd, 2014, 12:52 AM
Quote from BjornHK on December 24th, 2013, 04:22 PM
You know, I was thinking the same..I have an urge to release Protendo now, although there are much more I'd like to add to it. And there are some bugs in it. But not everything must be in right now anyway..just have to make sure I don't corner myself with features that cannot be easily changed later on. :D
Oh, you can always remove them, of course... Just like you can always remove your software and decide not to do anything.

Seriously... It's not funny. Closing down your website every other day, without any explanation, is not respectful of your users, and doesn't encourage them to post over there, because they can never know if their posts will survive your mood changes. People remember Blocweb, they remember ViennaBBS, they'll remember Protendo. Do you really, really want them to remember them for the bad reasons...?
Which users..?

No, that ship has sailed a long time ago, I just been ignoring it for some time. It doesn't really matter though, there are more important things in life. Jeff's sudden demise reminded us all of that, but the conclusion came to me long before that: to create something that demands a lot of time to promote, debug and improve(mostly from antipated wishes and changes from others) ..and then to do that all for free, with just the occasional "thanks" now and then? It might be enough a few years ago, but not now.

Better then to look forward and just use it for what it is, a playground for my ideas. There's enough already in it, to be as of use for my own websites, I don't need to see other people using it too.

So, yeah, its not funny,probably, but who cares?

I wish you the best with Wedge, you probably have a bigger "fire" for wanting users to actually use it, than I have for P, so I am convinced you will see it through to success - in whatever capacity that comes.
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« on December 24th, 2013, 04:22 PM »
You know, I was thinking the same..I have an urge to release Protendo now, although there are much more I'd like to add to it. And there are some bugs in it. But not everything must be in right now anyway..just have to make sure I don't corner myself with features that cannot be easily changed later on. :D
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« on December 23rd, 2013, 05:31 PM »
Merry Christmas to all..and I know what you mean by the code calling, Nao. :D
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Nope, I prefer straight talk. And besserwissers are about the worst I can think of.
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Basically you are just saying the same as I did then. I said its not "straight comedy" and its not. If it had been I would have lost interest anyway.
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Well, partly - the season 2 file I saw earlier was/is slightly better than the normal 480p I had from before, could even pass for a inferior 720p...but seeing the first season now it its clear that its just upscaled resolutions all the way.

At least its nice to see the old episodes again, reminded me really how very accidentally I stumbled over it. Saw a episode from season 3 believing it was a straight comedy, and realized not. :D Then playing catch-up in season 1-3, and from there on following as they came out.
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Sadly I agreed - got a hold of the actual files and its upscaled alright.

Oh well.
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Haven't got around to seeing Homeland yet, so that I'll reservee for when I have - but its prob. great, as always. ;)

I saw 2 movies this weekend, one was for the kids mainly(but a lot of fun for us grownups too) called "Flåklypa" - and the other one was Red2.

I don't know if you ever saw the first Red - but I loved it. :) All those old-timers really got it going in the action parts, and the slapstick humour all through was just hilarious. Bruce Willis: awesome, Helen Mirren, more so. The others really just as good. The movie really didn't bring anything new in the genre..but it was just well executed and fun.

(btw, speaking of TV/movie topics, I've spent a lot of time in Protendo on its "moviereview" section, and gonna add a "TV" section too. Its one of those things that are part blog, part discssion - with some social features added in. Thus perfect for me. :) )
Other software / Re : SMF reaction to 'unused, useless globals'
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K, then I got some special access then. Until someone reads this topic heh  :D
Other software / Re : SMF reaction to 'unused, useless globals'
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Its a bit of bashing in that topic yes, sad to say. I think its open for SMF helper group, which I am in..but not sure, maybe I am granted special access or something.

Off-topic / Re: Doctor Who
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Yes, but the material have been re-digitized because the quality IS better, judging from some illegal copies I found on the net(..). At least to 720p, I don't think its possible to do proper 1080p, you start seeing the tweening pixels then. But then again, resizing techniques have come a long way since..well, forever.

Heh, it seems 1080p is whats being offered, the one I found was "only" 720p. Me wants :D
I don't know, I never got around to watching an *entire* arc of the old show. I tried Genesis of the Daleks and it was boring as hell. I tried Pyramids of Mars and the costumes were too damn laughable. I tried really, really hard with City of Death (as it's set in Paris, is written by Douglas Adams and has a bit part with John Cleese), but as soon as the episode starts, you have to go through five minutes of a ridiculous alien in his spacecraft and cheap SFX. Come on.

Eye of the beholder, eh.
Exactly. Doctor Who is always a bit camp, funny props etc. but the old ones is often just well, too silly and distracting. Heightening the series up to proper effects - but still doing the goofy effects here and there - really made it interesting. You know its all fun - but it has some threads of facts/dilemmas/paradox in them. An example, the future episodes in almost every seasons 2005 onwards..always something about society that is brought up, often common themes in serious sci-fi literature/films(NOT the Star Wars/Star Trek stuff).

And the brits do have advantage in this area, they can really combine that seriousness with goofy/dark humour. And if done good, even frightening so. A fav of mine in that respect is the movie "Children of Men".
Other software / SMF reaction to 'unused, useless globals'
« on November 17th, 2013, 12:05 AM »
Hm, I see the SMF devs is ignoring the whole thing..thats just strange. It is logical to use only what you need, right? Declaring a whole bunch just for nothing cannot be applauded in any case...I am bit amazed that personal feelings take precedence instead of just common sense there.

:edit: by Nao: Split from
Off-topic / Re: A short script to remove unused, useless globals in PHP.
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Ah, ok..still, its worthwhile setting the globals correctly, so I'll hunt down some of them. It may take a while before I reach all 2000 hah. It will be  more tidy code though, removing those unused, good when hunting down bugs too.

OOP yes, I've been reluctant to adopt to them, but see their use of course. Its that though, beginning to use them makes me think how the whole system may be better using it, and that implies a total rewrite - which is very time-consuming. I simply don't have the time for it, and fear my theme/feature ideas will wither away while doing it... :P :)

About table tags..this is what I put on Protendo, its a simpler code and it certainly need some error checking(its now up to the author to do it correctly, I have an idea of a popup where you just fill in items though, and its inserted with the right tags for you), but my goal was "simplify" foremost. Not everyone understands table/tr/td so well. :)

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I must admit the older series doesn't hold that fascination with me as the 2005 onwards episodes. Child of my age and all that lol, but the reboot did spur new life in the series for a reason. Still, fun occasionally of course.

I want that new Bluray release with season 1-7 (2005-2012) in 720/1080p though,preferably for Christmas but we'll see.. :D . Having those seasons in HD will be awesome.
Features / Re: One theme to rule them all?
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Yes, the themes table have been troublesome for many..not the least when trying to figure out what setting is stored where.

I haven't done anything about it, in Protendo, but I use settings table for overall options and member options in the themes table, mostly due to the SMF functions putting them there. As long as themes are a vital part for me, I won't change it. I think lol.

Wedge clearly needs some cleaning up if skins are to be the "themes" so "go for it" from me 2. :)