Is Wordpress actually Most SEO CMS?


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Re: Is Wordpress actually Most SEO CMS?
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Forum needs recurring  to active and unique visitors to be lively, when a forum stop getting unique visitors, it will stop growing,age and die.
Check out heavy forums and see, be sure that Google is right behind it's success.
My CMS is written in PHP3 and has some really ugly url patterns. So for me there's a lot to do to get back the love of Google
I was reading somewhere that PHPBB3 is the best seo forum software, I installed it in my live server sometimes last year and found the funny seo pattern too. I installed the 'famous' seo and found something funny, it doesn't redirect the old url structure to the new structure, if you create a topic, you will have two structures in each thread, like
The last Google updates is a complete mistake.
Quote from forumsearch0r on October 3rd, 2013, 11:31 PM
I, for one, don't give much on a site's Google ranking. I don't even use Google. When I am looking for information, meta and title tags are less interesting than a site's content.
My first time of hearing somebody not using Google, care to share your online research tool?


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Re: Is Wordpress actually Most SEO CMS?
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PHP3, not phpBB3.
I misunderstood, thanks. PHP3? Like seriously? This should be like one decade behind.
DuckDuckGo (perfect for us devs) and Wikipedia.
Never heard of it. Will check it out. Thanks.


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