Welcome to modern times.


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Welcome to modern times.
« on June 2nd, 2013, 08:38 PM »
So, recently I had a heavy hard drive failure of a 1TB unit, which hits hard... No 'critical' data on it, but still, plenty of data I'd rather not have lost... So I decided I'd finally go NAS.

I bought a Synology 413j, and after 24 hours of fighting with it and its cables and the fact that my secondary network port died on me without my knowledge and I had to buy a PCIe card just to provide a new port (-_-)[1], I'm relatively up and running at this point, but whatever. I still have concerns...

Maybe some of you have a NAS, and already went through the same questions.

- Is it possible to have two volumes, one of which would be in Hybrid RAID (3 available hard drives, + a backup one), and another which would use the remainder of the hard drives, but with a 2-drive fail safe (i.e. all data on it is safe until at least 2 of the drives are dead). I would think that it's technically possible, but I don't really know. It would be nice -- a place to keep my all-important data, and a place to keep my collection of holiday movies and so on. If it's not possible to do that, I'm actually, err... Considering doing a setup where I have 2 drives for fail safe. That only leaves me with 5.4TB of available space, though... Not that much. Well, that's enough to put my current data into the NAS, but not enough for a 'couple more', I guess...

- How rare is it for 2 drives to fail at the same time, actually..? Well, they could even fail one day apart, since you have to rebuild the RAID, and if another drive fails in that time, the RAID setup is dead, I guess... :(

I had something else to ask, but I forgot, so it'll be for a next time, or never... ;)

(BTW, the web UI for Synology rocks... They actually emulated a proper graphical OS in JavaScript and CSS, or something. Inspiring work...)
Posted: June 2nd, 2013, 07:22 PM

Apparently I can do multiple volumes with varying types of RAID on each... :)

 1. Then realizing that I probably should have directly bought a switch, so I'd have been able to share my data on my LAN, uh...


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Re: Welcome to modern times.
« Reply #2, on June 2nd, 2013, 11:14 PM »
RAID 5 is not as good as SHR, though, Synology's own rendition of RAID 5.

Okay, so I created a RAID 1+0 volume, then proceeded to create a SHR volume, and was disappointed to see that, unfortunately, I couldn't choose my volume type at this point... So, it means I can't really create multiple RAID types on different portions of the same drive; instead, I can only, for instance, have a 'regular' drive, and 3 other drives configured in SHR mode. Which sucks... I mean, it doesn't have any point ;)

So, I'll just create a SHR version, and be done with it...
My drives usually crash one at a time, with several years between each drive. I certainly hope I won't get them all to crash at the same time "just because" I happened to buy all 4 of them together at the same time, eh...

Still, I'm literally very scared that it MIGHT happen... :-/
But I can always re-purchase a new 8-bay NAS in a few years, and do a network backup, and then start again with a setup with 2 spare drives, or something...