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Advice on This?
« on May 13th, 2013, 07:34 PM »
I have this domain name I registered last year which I have installed social network gpl script (oxwall). Oxwall is great but there are multiples problems which includes.

1.There is no mobile theme for it, it looks ugly on mobile view though great on pc but the fact remains that about 80% of my targeted audience (students) are using mobile phone on accessing the internet.

2. There is no control on spam bots, even the question and answer script is not working, there inbuilt watchdog (using stop forum spam) is not working as well, I just visited their support forum and found out that almost everybody is complaining about it, this in particular will be a big problem will the website grow.

3. Their forum plugin is great but again it is showing multiple link in a single thread and Google is indexing them all which happens to be against their SEO rule.

My question is, is it good to uninstall the oxwall and use SMF for now and ( wedge when it comes public).
The website in question is