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Ok, not suggesting anything, just what I'm doing! while waiting around, keeping busy! Just general info for the readers here!

Working on a new theme that will have no drop down, just the basic menu,bar with the main links, save allot of code and trouble and still take me where I want to go!
I let plenty of room at the top for any related image, for user's site!

Also adding a Vertical menu that will take me to some matching  HTML pages for, say, Contact us, terms of service and About of what ever pages, you may want.

Of course they will need manual edits for certain thing, but most of the links back and forth can be pre made for SMF use.

also creating a larger top section and a cell for a general statement or Google ads or maybe a flash gallery frame.

when I get something presentable I'll show it: :)


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Re: SMF Theme stuff
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Say Guys I went edit this post attached a pix and click on the text field to add more info and it started adding all those 0's until I hit save

Something buggy, using FF browser!

Edit I think it's my Keyboard gone crazy, I hope!