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Re: Introduction
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Welcome :-)


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Re: Introduction
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Hey! I just joined to test out the software. It seems really, really good!


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Re: Introduction
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Hi Janet here from Shelton: Here is a short introduction to my past career.

Have a strong interest in promoting hobos in Prescott, AZ. Spent childhood licensing pogo sticks for no pay. Have some experience creating marketing channels for psoriasis with no outside help. Spent 2001-2006 promoting bullwhips in the government sector. Uniquely-equipped for deploying junk bonds in Ohio. Won several awards for marketing Roombas in Pensacola, FL.


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Re: Introduction
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What's a hobo?


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Re: Introduction
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Hey all,

I registered to see how Wedge is running and to write cInitCase for PenDe which is our boot system (sth like openRC in gentoo)


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Re: Introduction
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Seriously... New spam system?

These last two posts have nothing to do with forum systems. Are you a bot?


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Re: Introduction
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Irrelevant posts,moderator clean up this Forum dirt and delete these nonsense please.
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