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Joining a forum
« on October 23rd, 2010, 11:24 AM »
Funny this is something I never really thought much about but do it all the time. When joining a new forum what is it that you look for. I have just been looking for a forum and doing a Google search started at the top of the list. Going to the first one listed I found myself looking at these aspects first
1. How does it look straight off. Is it nicely set out, easy theme to be able to use, graphically pleasing.
2. What forum software is it using, do I know it and it;s features.
3 How many members does it have and what is the post count
4. Are the forum areas set out and relevant to what I am seeking

Ok once I have determined that the forum passes the above list I registered, so I registered on the first one. Was registration easy if not I give up. Once registered on this forum I went to the new members intro area to post my newbie post. Started out with subject and then thread content but when I wanted to hit post it came back telling me tag to common try another. It seems this forum auto tags from your subject line. Now how many way can you say hello, well after the 5th attempt it posted. Now I wanted to post in one of the forum areas, same story until the point of where I just gave up and left to find another forum.
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