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Re: Profile Fields
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I'm having the same problem, adding custom fields via hook (
Code: (Broken line) [Select]
<dt>', profile_privacy_icon('custom_' . $field, $field['name'] . $txt[':']), '</dt>

Im not really sure what it should be, perhaps just 'custom_field' or something like that (but its a bit long, i dont know...).
My suggestion would be
Code: [Select]
<dt>', profile_privacy_icon('custom_'.$field['name'] , $field['name'] . $txt[':']), '</dt>

But how you do it, privacy for custom fields is still broken. Needs perhaps some more work and perhaps an option to disable privacy features for certain custom fields.


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Re: Profile Fields
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No no I just made a mistake in my code, and didn't test because I don't have custom fields here.

I'll fix that ASAP but a bit busy irl right now.

Re: Profile Fields
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Not looking for any rushing here...
Just doing my part to help, reporting what I find. :)

When do fix it, if could post here the fix for existing forum, would appreciate it. :)

Re: Profile Fields
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Works perfectly, my friend. :)

Thank you.