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Moderation Filters
« on February 8th, 2013, 11:25 PM »
Feature: Moderation Filters
Developer: Arantor
Target: Moderators
Status: 98% (there's things I could do with it that aren't currently done, but things most people probably won't even notice)

This one needs a bit of explaining. I never liked the way SMF handled post moderation. I remember the first time I did it, and it bugged the hell out of me. So I came up with this.

Essentially, the idea is to run a series of rules when a post is made, and potentially take action based on the post, its contents and/or its author.

Rules are constructed in the forum of:
* Moderate the post... when any new post is made... if the following conditions are met.
* Prevent the post being made... when a new topic is started... if the following conditions are met.

There are also other options available, too.

In essence, this gives you very fine control over moderation without having to manually involve moderators. Don't like certain words being used (e.g. profanity)? Easy, just create rules to prevent the post even being made if it contains a word you don't like.

You can also mix and match criteria, for example you can block posts being made, in a certain board, if they contain certain words and it isn't a moderator making the post. The functionality is there to enable you to tailor the automatic moderation for your community, and the system is extensible, too.

Out of the box, you can prevent a post, moderate a post, or even pin/lock a post[1], limited to just new topics, or for any post. And out of the box you have the choice of a lot of variables: what board the post is in, the post count of the user, the warning level, content of the subject, content of the body, which group the user may/may not be in, or how many links are in the post.

Already, too, there are additional plugins for this, which add facilities like how many smileys are used, how many images are used, the number of words in a post and more, so there really are a lot of options for flexibility.
 1. For example, a rule where the post is made by a moderator, and begins with /lock to lock a topic quickly.
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Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #1, on February 9th, 2013, 06:22 AM »
New feature post. NEW feature post. NEW FEATURE POST!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #3, on February 11th, 2013, 01:28 PM »
Eh, good that you're considering helping with that annoying board, eh eh... ;)
Documentation really isn't my thing. When I reviewed all of these items a few days ago to update their completion status (surprisingly they're all set as 'complete', except for the Upcoming Features area unfortunately), I was surprised by the amount of work I'd put into it.

Anyway, I was thinking about moderation filters and here's an idea in case you ever miss working on them...

Allow (perm?) for *users* to set up their own moderation filters. Of course, they wouldn't be able to do any harm. The only point is to allow for users to 'monitor' new posts and receive a notification whenever someone posts, for instance, "I like cheese" in a new message, or even their nickname. (Perhaps not when used in a quote, though, for instance...)

It could either be an entirely separate feature that would use part of your moderation filter code, or something blended in, I don't know.
I'm not sure you'll like the idea, and you're free not to go for it, I just think it would be a nice new feature for Wedge. Plus, it would save us from people using the search engine to look for their name on a regular basis... Like I do sometimes at, eh eh ;)

Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #4, on February 11th, 2013, 05:02 PM »
Well, Dragooon's notifications plugin did stuff like that.

The notion of notifying someone when they are quoted, or when someone says their name would be useful enough for some.

As far as notifications based on set criteria, that could be very complicated, very quickly since it would expect to be done every post(!)

Seems to me that it might be a plugin contender instead, where the performance hurt is not a core problem.

Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #5, on February 11th, 2013, 05:16 PM »
Although I guess it can be achieved using my notifications plugin + subscriptions (not sure if it fits here for that though?) + moderation filters.

Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #6, on February 11th, 2013, 05:27 PM »
Well... I wouldn't personally do it through moderation filters. Aside from the fact that there's no option to notify someone, nor any practical place to store it, that is...

Notify based on content is not an administrative feature, it is a user side feature, and even though they may share common elements of UI and common places to occur in, it is not something I would do to that system.

I'd much rather do it as a proper standalone feature in its own right. A lot of people have been very enthusiastic about having @name to notify people in posts. I can see the validity of that, I can even see the validity of doing it with some kind of popup once typing @ to select the name and adding it as a hidden field when submitting a post to thoroughly do it that way.

Notify based on content is a feature in its own right too, with a different requirement set in the process. I wouldn't necessarily do it based on subscriptions, but I would bring it up as a feature in the user's profile area, as a list of words they'd list to be notified of, which would all be in a table listing user/word pairs and the entire table would be scooped/cached for use every page. It could get more exotic based on excluding boards or people, but I'd do it based on boards and just ignore people in the person's ignore list (but even that's getting nasty expensive)

Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #7, on February 11th, 2013, 05:31 PM »
Oh I have @name in the list of possible notification extensions, similar to Facebook/Google+

Re: Moderation Filters
« Reply #8, on February 11th, 2013, 05:35 PM »
I know - and I still think I'd prefer that to be a core feature... along with having the @ feature trigger a popup on the client to find the right name (especially if there are fun symbols in the name)