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Features: Miscellaneous
 Per-board Languages and Language flags

Posted by Nao, on May 7th, 2011, 12:55 PM   (2,593 views)

Feature: Per-board Languages and Language flags
Developer: Arantor & Nao
Target: users
Status: 99% (complete, although more could be done?)

Language packs can now offer a "Flag.language.png" file that will be used by Wedge to show flags where needed. Boards can now specify a default language that may be different from the overall default. User preference is still given priority, then the board language, then the overall language. Boards with a special language get a flag shown next to them.
Also, Wedge shows all available languages in the top-left corner, through a list of flags you can click to immediately switch the interface to the desired language.

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 SMF bugs

Posted by Nao, on May 7th, 2011, 12:57 PM   (3,048 views)

Feature: SMF bugs
Developer: Nao (main), Arantor
Target: everyone
Status: 100%

Fixed a few dozen noticeable bugs that were in SMF2 (and probably still are.) We would have reported them to the SMF team, of course, but apparently they don't care about bug reports, because they never fix them. Believe me, I reported hundreds of them... So these bug fixes will remain undocumented, and unsolved in SMF2. Except for the security issues. We're whimsical, not evil.

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 Pretty URLs

Posted by Nao, on May 7th, 2011, 12:56 PM   (735 views)

Feature: Pretty URLs
Developer: Nao
Target: users, admins
Status: 90% (complete, may add support for extra URL schemes, needs to support subdomains other than through database editing, although I wouldn't recommend that overall...)

Back in late 2007, my first foray into SMF modding was through giving helpful suggestions to Dannii, the author of the Pretty URLs mod. He subsequently added some of these, but I decided to write my own variation for my website, with features such as better handling of exotic languages, no need for htaccess editing, subdomain handling...
The codebases became somewhat incompatible and what is in Wedge now is my variation, with some additional improvements, and some features disabled (notably the subdomain stuff, which only works through carefully editing the database.) This will hopefully be re-enabled later.