Should moderators of a membergroup be considered an actual member?


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Since my reply thought was too big for the thoughts system I figured it would be worth it to start a topic on the question Nao addressed..

"Now that I think about it, let me clarify.  I am the only moderator/administrator on my forum, I run the whole show.  My forum covers both fanart and fanfiction of the "Predator" Yautja species (the 1987 movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger) but I don't write fanfiction at all, so me being an official member in the group kind of leads to "false advertising"... yes, sometimes people who mod a group like the context of the group but in my case I would be modding every group that does not fall within my prevue."

Again, just my two cents.


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Re: Should moderators of a membergroup be considered an actual member?
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To be clear, my question was only motivated by my writing a query for privacy requests.
Technically, I want users to be able to choose a membergroup to which they can give exclusive access to a topic or something, but the question was, if I'm a regular user, what groups should I be able to pick..? I quickly eliminated 'all groups' because it means being able to view some groups that may not be supposed to be viewable. I then decided to simply load all groups that the user belongs to. However, what about post-based groups..? Does the admin want anyone to be able to see the number of post-based groups available, and how many posts they require? Isn't this... a surprise, maybe..? So, for now, I decided to give them access to any post-based groups that they're in, and that they were in at some point. This should work, I think...