replace jwplayer with videojs for local videos


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Re: replace jwplayer with videojs for local videos
« Reply #15, on March 17th, 2014, 03:30 PM »
In search of a new player, I stumbled upon this nice little thing.
@Nao: I think this should be the right replacement for jw-player.
It's also possible to display ads with it AND its VAST capable. This is something thats really expencive in other players (about 900 $). And this one if for free!
Just played around with it for a while and I'm really excited about it.
And the best of all: no problems with the license thingy.
# dpkg-reconfigure brain
error: brain is not installed or configured


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Re: replace jwplayer with videojs for local videos
« Reply #17, on March 17th, 2014, 05:56 PM »
Videojs has Flash fallback. But it's not well documented :)
And a very  hughe list of plugins (that was your concern a couple of posts before).

  • videojs-markers: Add customizable markers upon progress bars
  • videojs-errors: displays user-friendly error messages.
  • videojs-youtube-videowall: Display video wall of related youtube videos after the video finishes. Require videojs-youtube.
  • videojs-thumbnails: displays thumbnail images over the progress bar.
  • videojs-endcard: Simple, customizable end card solution for VideoJS.
  • videojs-vast: A VideoJS plugin to play pre-roll videos from a VAST feed.
  • videojs-rtc: displays a WebRTC chat window alongside the player to be able to chat with a friend while watching a video.
  • videojs-leapmotion: a plugin to control video playback with Leap Motion.
  • videojs-playlist: easily create a playlist of videos. Gives some methods to videojs and provides useful events to allow customization.
  • videojs-playlist (<video> or <audio>): designed for video or audio playlists. Plays tracks continuously or by selecting them.
  • videojs-persistvolume: remembers the volume last set by the user and applies it to new instances of player.
  • videojs-rotatezoom: a plugin to easily rotate or zoom in a video.
  • videojs-watermark: Display a watermark/overlay on top of the video.
  • videojs-cuepoints: Sync actions with the media timeline.
  • videojs-resolutions: Provides a button that dynamically switches the video stream between sources.
  • videojs-rangeslider: Create a range slider to select a region of a video in video-js.
  • videojs-ga: Google Analytics plugin for video.js
  • videojs-relatedCarousel: Button that when clicked shows a list of images that link to urls. Envisioned as a way to show related content inside the player.
  • videojs-ageGate: Forces a user to enter a satisfactory birth date before video will play.
  • videojs-progressTips: Tooltip on hover of the progressbar with the time.
  • videojs-imageOverlay: Add an opaque, clickable overlay on a video during a specified time range.
  • videojs-chromeCast: Display a chromecast Button on Control Bar video.js players.
  • videojs-disable-progress: Disable / Enable progress scrubbing. Useful for preroll advertisements where skipping the video isn't an option.
  • videojs-sharing: Add a menu to the control bar to share the video/page using the addThis API (no account required)
  • videojs-stereopanner: Adds stereo channel panning functions
  • videojs-akamai-analytics: Akamai Sola Analytics plugin for video.js
  • videojs-comscore: Reports to comScore using their latest Streaming Tag SDK
  • Playback Techs (support media from different sources)
  • videojs-youtube: Allows you to play YouTube videos within VideoJS.
  • videojs-vimeo: Allows you to play Vimeo videos within VideoJS.
  • videojs-dailymotion: Allows you to play Dailymotion videos within VideoJS.
  • videojs-soundcloud: Allows you to play soundcloud tracks within VideoJS.