Should we up the minimum requirements for Wedge to PHP 5.4?

Yeah sure, I use that, or better, why not.
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Yeah but if you only really need shorthand array support for now, it'd be best if you kept PHP 5.3 support through caching.
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I think it'd be detrimental to Wedge's larger adoption. Not that I care.
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I'm on a PHP 5.3 server, or I have something so-very-dear-to-me that uses PHP 5.3. Please don't force us to say goodbye.
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Eh, what do I know, either way is fine for me. Does anyone have something to eat?
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PHP 5.4?
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Since Wedge is 5.3+, maybe it's safe to simply up the min reqs to 5.4..?

The main advantage is the ability is use [ ] instead of array( ) inside the code. It's really just that.
I could also modify Subs-CachePHP.php to automatically replace [ ] with array() as needed. I can't be arsed for now.

I just checked, and 5.3+ is supported by ~90% of the user base, and 5.4+ by ~70%... Hmm. Then again-- what we care about is the current userbase, as I've long given up on turning Wedge into a popular engine. It's just the cool engine that people in the know use.

Anyway, I'm likely to go for PHP 5.4 + some support for PHP 5.3, but I can't be arsed to code said support for now. ;)


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Re: PHP 5.4?
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Quote from Nao
Since Wedge is 5.3+, maybe it's safe to simply up the min reqs to 5.4..?
Well PHP 5.3 is by far the slowest PHP version,PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5 are slightly faster,(all approaching end of life and upgrading is advisable),PHP 5.6 however is the old stable version,so i would say minimum recommended PHP 5.6
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Re: PHP 5.4?
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I guess we can safely increase it to 5.6 even if we should recommend php7 just because it's noticeable faster. Sure, the thing with php versions is always the slow upgrade of webspace providers but do we have to care about them? Do we have the manpower to support old/outdated php versions? Does it even make sense?


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Re: PHP 5.4?
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Everything older then 5.6 is EOL and no longer supported. Not even security updates so I would drop them.

The past half year I bombarded my cheap hosting provider to finally dump 5.5 and install at least 5.6x
He did and I can now choice between 5.6x and 7.x :eheh:


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Re: PHP 5.4?
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I'd started doing something quick'n'dirty in just two lines of code, but then it started getting complicated, even with just two lines, so I give up for now. :P

I'd rather stick to the lowest 'acceptable' version that Wedge actually supports.
If I start asking for a higher version, I'll start using "??" as a replacement to "?:" (basically removes the need to do an isset() call), and then I'll start wondering if I shouldn't ask for PHP 7.1 support so that I can do [$foo, $bar] = func(); instead of list ($foo, $bar) = func(), but I'm NOT actually using list() much in Wedge, so who cares about that... :P

Well yeah, so I guess PHP 5.4 is doable, just hoping that no one currently using Wedge will be locked out of it. I'm surprised no one replied to the poll though. ^^
Re: PHP 5.4?
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Go crazy with [ ] now ;)
Also removed all magic quote shit. It felt good!


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Re: PHP 5.4?
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Re: PHP 5.4?
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Tiens, je me souvenais même pas que PNR était passé sous Wedge... :^^;:
Faudra faire quelque chose pour la bannière invisible, par contre... Ça fait tache ! :(
Tu postais pour quoi ? Un problème avec ta version de PHP..?