Two Visions More Compatible Than Thought


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Two Visions More Compatible Than Thought
« on September 5th, 2013, 10:12 PM »
Before I begin Yes I know @Nao & @Arantor are not collaborating at this time or likely in the future. However I wanted to point out their visions are not as divergent as one would think.

Content Management & Social Media
Two Visions More Compatible Than Thought
Forums have a great many fundamental features that are used for most all types of sites. Some of those systems include: Authentication, Theme/Skin Engine, Database Connection. Wedge has a few more useful pieces which include but not limited to: Hooks, Thoughts, Private Messages, Media Management, & Notifications. Great foundation laid out here for almost any type of site and with a little thought and creativity (did someone say Art?) it can meet most niche needs.

First question: What is Content Management? At its most basic it is a way to manage content. Duh, I know. If you don't have to worry about authentication, theming, and database management it lets you focus on the meat of development the management system. Awesome part with wedge? With a little work (okay maybe lots of work to start)you don't have to worry about comments (hello forum) or media management. Neat bonus two? Forum could have three modes. Comment mode is a disabled forums but still powers comments on content and forum mode is a fully fledged forum, and then plain ol disabled.

Mix in some permissions and a main blog and user blogs becomes super powerful fool.

Anyway I am digressing:

Second question: What is social media? In this context it is a website with varying levels of interaction between humans facilitated by software. Hello: Thoughts, PMs, user forums/galleries/blogs, profiles, & so much more.

Hook thoughts, PMs, & Gallery to a article/page and bam you have a facebook Page. Clever use of permissions and users can set up pages. Social Site, meet Content Management. They both think it's nice to meet.

Third Question: What rolls out in 1.0? Well that depends but I would guess with attachments using Media Management, Blog support, and polishing of current feature set. Maybe move Infinite Scroll, floating user info, and new sidebar to a sub-skin as an example of the flexibility of the new skin system. Maybe start the move to a more modular system.

Basic Conclusion? Content management complements social, and social complements content management but is not required.
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Re: Two Visions More Compatible Than Thought
« Reply #1, on September 5th, 2013, 10:58 PM »
When it comes to the media gallery, I'm adamant that the best thing to do with it is to get rid of the comment system, and instead automatically create a topic when someone wants to comment either an item, or an entire album. And the topic should be posted in a 'media'-type board, which would be created automatically... And this is where it's starting to annoy me, because I wanted to get rid of the Recycle Bin board, and never got around to do it, so it's the same kind of mess I don't want to find myself in... :lol:

Yes, I agree that CMSes and social networks (or whatever name you want to call them by) have many things in common, the least of which being that they're both usually web software... :lol:

I discussed some of these things in the long post I just submitted in the other topic, have a look at it. (Good luck!)

Wedge is not far from being able to be turned into a full-fledged CMS, it just needs some more work in that area, and as I knew that Pete was interested in doing it, I never even considered delving into it, but eventually, I may have to get started on it... Well, at least get started on writing a few lines of code to make it easy to make a 'blog' board, and maybe even, let's be crazy, fix the current bugs in the blog homepage... ;)