A few things about the alpha and its bugs...


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A few things about the alpha and its bugs...
« on November 5th, 2012, 12:31 AM »
Okay, I'll use this post to make a few things clearer...

- I was offline quite a lot this weekend. Sorry about that -- thankfully, Pete was very active :)

- Regarding thoughts. The MultiformeIngegno bug was indeed a known, and fixed, bug. It was committed long ago, but I forgot to apply it to wedge.org... I did it a few minutes ago, so it should not happen again.

- The Welcome template as provided in the Wedge package is a placeholder, really. It's up to you to modify it to your taste... I reckon I should still have it do something closer to what is live on wedge.org, because people probably expect that. I'm planning to rewrite my Welcome template to remove all of the crappy code from wedge.org's (notably, language strings are hardcoded in the file, ah ah...) and add variables at the beginning of the Welcome.php file to make it easy to enable or disable some areas (board list, stats, thought list, etc...)
Still, it's probably not going to happen overnight. I encourage everyone to remind me of it in another month if not already implemented.

- Also, thoughts in the Welcome template are probably not up to date. The 'right' code is on the wedge.org homepage, please bear with me.

- Yes, the profile homepage needs an overhaul as well. I've always planned to do something like noisen.com's (which is based upon UltimateProfile). Give me time... And yes, as Pete said, the fact that the latest public thought is shown is intentional. Still, I'm planning to add a feature to the thought code where by default, thoughts are posted in 'public', but you can also post it in 'public + profile', i.e. your personal_text field in the members table.

- Too many posts, really... I've seen one about the glob() bug. I've never seen that bug on my install..?!
Anyway, I guess a possible hack would be to replace, in these two lines, glob( with (array) glob(, i.e. casting the result as an array automatically. I mean, the worst that could happen is @unlink(false), which will just return false... :^^;:

Anyway, that's just for the 'easy fix', but locally, I've done the is_array() implementation, it's semantically more correct, and probably just as fast.

- Regarding show_when_*, this is from my to-do-list: "Database is missing UI for show_when in membergroups"
And yes, it's just what it means. You should analyze the source files, you'll find the values for show_when over there. Then you just need to apply them to your membergroup row.

- There are LOTS of 'hidden settings' like the one above, that should NOT be hidden settings. For instance, it is STILL not possible to set the default homepage via the admin panel. You have to manually edit the settings table and change the value for 'default_index'.

Possible values:
- A string: Welcome means that Wedge will load Welcome.php (which itself will load Welcome.template.php). You can change it to Stats (for instance) if you want to have the stats page show by default. The main function needs to have the same name as the file.
- An integer: Wedge will show the topics listed in the supplied board ID. Basically, it's a shortcut to myforum/?board=ID

- Also, I'm thinking that Norodo should start recruiting people to help with the documentation right now! Fact is, many of the bugs that were reported to us are actually features, and it takes us time to explain why we deliberately chose that route. Having a private alpha should also help finding the weak points that should be explained in an FAQ so that we don't have to explain everything again.
So, all in all, everything one of us finds some information they deem important enough to be in a FAQ, please post a small message to say so!


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Re: A few things about the alpha and its bugs...
« Reply #1, on November 5th, 2012, 12:46 AM »
I don't have much to add about the above, except for:
Anyway, that's just for the 'easy fix', but locally, I've done the is_array() implementation, it's semantically more correct, and probably just as fast.
Actually, that wasn't what I did, haha. Locally, I pulled the glob into a variable, and if it was empty, I didn't even bother going through the loop at all.

To a degree, if it's obscure enough to need a FAQ, it's probably in need of some other change anyway.
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