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Features / Re: Weaving feedback
« on June 11th, 2014, 11:59 PM »
Nao, > Weavings your BEST effort save the following. > Hope I don't offend.

1. The Main - Level Up Your Forum Logo. > I feel this is where things tend to look ordinary, a serious revisit is what's needed. Something tending toward the more bold/striking.

2. Colourings neat, though have to concur with others on Sub Headers being oversized.

3. Am opposed to rounded corners on homepage and avatars. _ Old fashioned for mine.

4. Use of pale background with full width header bands in place of gradient. viz. > for blog and matching forum> Here' s another although they're forum itself appears to be rather tired in appearance.

5. Advanced parameters in search bar not displaying correctly. Takes some effort to get it to appear and in some instances band becomes minimized or very narrow. Am using Win8 with IE10
The Pub / Re: Upcoming dark theme for Wedge
« on February 23rd, 2014, 11:29 PM »
Quote from MultiformeIngegno on February 23rd, 2014, 12:47 PM
Quote from MultiformeIngegno on February 23rd, 2014, 09:45 AM
Like it :-)
Reminds me Zone99 by DzinerStudio which I liked a lot!
Forgot a link:
Like that > Cargo would be real neat but in similar colouring to Zone99!
The Pub / Re: Logo Madness
« on January 27th, 2014, 12:44 AM »
Quote from Nao on January 26th, 2014, 08:39 PM
How about... This one? :)
I made it small so as to intrigue you... :P


As always, whatever I create in the way of a logo is yours exclusively to use as you see fit.

I can see you require something in the way of a main logo which would signify your Wedge project in its entirety, incorporating an image that is able to be enlarged or minimized with optimum resolution for all uses including a favicon of say 24px.

If you consider the avatar I'm currently using, - it incorporates all elements you require for your site.

1. Leaving the wedge header as is. > My avatar has matching wedge font injected with some tasteful pizaz
2. The main logo would be as I have prepared. - The "W" FYI was created to resemble a weaving pattern to signify your aspirations of weaving communities etc. Its fresh,bold, simple and able to be dismantled in the following way.
3. Instead of coming up with an entirely new logo for footer area as you have done, you would simply use the black button with white "W" on its own reduced to the appropriate size.
4. The favicon itself would be the same image as in point 3 but 18px

All in all you'd end up with an entirely cohesive approach to the presentation of your site which I believe just isn't quite there @ present.
Development blog / Re: That'll do.
« on January 21st, 2014, 07:57 PM »
Reminds me of a song... Cliffy @ his best ha ha
The Pub / Re: Logo Madness
« on January 19th, 2014, 10:29 AM »
Nao, Just a suggestion...Why the restriction?

Wouldn't it be better if we had a competition of sorts...most favoured option gets the nod. I'm talking main logo here.

As for font in above poll I prefer the third option due to clean lines and the fact it blends in with content more readily. If you stick with sepia style badge perhaps not truncating the wedge emblem would be the go. ie Image not chopped. In fact why not use same font as main wedge header above now that looks real neat!
The Pub / Re: Name poll! For something useless! Yay!
« on January 14th, 2014, 12:25 PM »
Well, I favour Sources /Themes in this instance. > It's something not really worth changing or losing sleep over.
Off-topic / Re: Happy Holidays !
« on December 30th, 2013, 06:45 PM »
Ditto and a bountiful New Year to all.
The Pub / Re: Minimum PHP version?
« on December 23rd, 2013, 12:42 AM »
Gee I hope you didn't do all this on my account. > I did say 5.4.3 :) - Wonder why my host isn't experiencing problems?
The Pub / Re: Minimum PHP version?
« on December 22nd, 2013, 11:16 PM »
 Using - > running PHP 5.4.3 - Great host.
Off-topic / Re: feline hiccups
« on October 29th, 2013, 06:33 PM »
Sehr Gut!
The Pub / Re: Not So Mixed Signals
« on September 6th, 2013, 10:53 PM »
Apologies for not responding earlier guys, ive had some dramas of my own. Rather than comment on each point raised ive narrowed the whole argument down to this. > Bearing in mind I'm not taking sides in this.
Control versus contribution
Ironically, had Nao outlined to me on day one that this is how he wanted to work, I could probably have made that work. It was always stated that we were equals and yet we never really acted as equals.
I think the reason it worked flawlessly over the first couple of years is that (1) we still thought we had time to release Wedge so we just set aside a lot of the uneasy discussions we might have wanted to have, and (2) we were both involved at the same level, and neither of us had yet to experience a breakdown or anything related. Life happens.
Nao stated both of you were involved @ the same level which to me is the core of Petes argument, what I cant understand is how you Nao, assumed and retained control of the overall project when Pete claimed he only went AWOL for a few days and the rest of the time he was preoccupied with sorting out a flood of error messages etc. > Still on board so to speak?
Two people may be a crowd when it comes to a decision, but saying that one has to take the lead is not right. One took the lead in the absence of decision and just carried on with what he wanted to do despite the opposition.
And was that a bad thing to do...? Realistically, I mean..?
Well apparently so as you didnt alert Pete to your actions beforehand as you agreed you would? This culminated in the eventual separation of your partnership as he always felt he was being shortchanged and his worthiness as a so called equal deteriorated.
On where we came from, and maybe where we're going

Nao always made it clear that he wanted to push towards what Noisen is, essentially a form of localised social network
Technically, for those who don't know of the story... My idea of my contributions to Wedge was to integrate into it every single thing I'd developed on SMF for myself, i.e. Aeva Media and Noisen features. AeMe was easy, it was just a mod, but I never really got around to overhauling it, and that's a mistake I made. Noisen was more complicated. I made a huge (800KB..?) patch file of all differences between vanilla SMF and Noisen, and then proceeded to apply all of these features, one by one, to Wedge. It turned out, halfway into it, that many features couldn't be integrated as such, either because the codebase had already become too different, or because the code became unneeded because of internal improvements, or simply because it was a lot to do. The most important thing to me was integrating the privacy system, and I think I did all of it over the years... I mean, it was mainly about adding some code to all MySQL queries involving the topic table, but it was still a bitch. Over the years, I moved away from my desire to adapt Noisen into Wedge, but I still have plans to use Wedge over there, because Wedge rocks, and I'm willing to lose all of the Noisen features I didn't integrate into it, at least for a time.
Surely the pair of you agreed on overall aspirations for the project  ie Naos desire on Noisen etc and Petes inkling to introduce new features for Wedge? And was a written agreement reached for the so called partnership it seems not...which is somewhat outrageous given you guys have never met personally and were continents apart..Standard procedure for any merger I would have thought. Maybe it was deemed unnecessary @ the time but you would have known the project was going to span @ least 3 or so years so yeah should have been set in stone. Lesson learnt there I guess.
The saddest part is that even when I disentangle myself, baring myself in a way I just do NOT do normally, being more honest with myself than I have been for a very long time, too many people still don't get it.
I get it... And I'm okay that you're leaving. Simply, I don't think you're leaving for the right reason.
Beg to differ Nao I believe the forgoing is the reason why and I hope Im not treading on anyones toes, but from what I gather his predicament @ the time was legit. All said and done now but lesson learnt for anyone out there getting into partnerships of any kind, the need for formalization is paramount.

Open lines of communication appear also to have fallen short of ideal!
The Pub / Re: Not So Mixed Signals
« on September 4th, 2013, 12:14 AM »
Not being funny but I'm not sure you've been listening to what I've been saying. A relationship is not healthy when one person actively feels they can't air their grievances because they're afraid of what the other will say, or when they blame themselves for everything even when it isn't necessarily their fault.
Indeed I have, the message I attempted to convey concerned both of you. Youve highlighted your points of concern. What im getting from Nao is hes operated on the principal you had control of your area and he of his and that any crossover of jurisdiction was announced as a matter of courtesy. He also mentioned something along the lines that hes wasnt a mind reader implying possibly you need to be somewhat more obtuse with him on any underlying issues. Perhaps you should have spelt things out more bluntly to avoid misunderstanding?
I tried that. It didn't work, because the times I tried to broach the subject about not being happy about the way things have gone, it's actually gone ignored. For example, Nao's complaining about last year and my absence... well, given that I'd just gone through a breakup after 10 years of being a couple, moving house, and a breakdown, is it really so surprising that I should snap and want a break?
The operative word here is "tried". Way too polite for mine. Being subtle to avoid undertones in the partnership which is what this should have been, obviously didnt carry the message. I feel maybe you sould have been more assertive if things were that important to you. Nao on the other hand needed to be more receptive to your concerns but chose to deal with things @ arms length which can be said was a failing on his part. The pair of you were more than colleagues from what I can muster. What I cant understand is why both of you simply let things slip away as they did. You have to work @ keeping the spark alive!
I do not consider myself to have been considered as an equal in this partnership. I feel like I'm on the wrong end of a D/s relationship and I couldn't say stop loudly enough to be heard.
Perhaps this may have had something to do with your general announcement a ways back suggesting Nao was the principal here or words to that effect. Deep down you would have prefered to have been an equal and be seen as such. If you were equals Nao should have clarified his position @ the time. From my recollection he did not and therin lies part of your problem.

Remember some time ago you talked about an office job you had where you couldnt work with your superior. Your clearly one of those personalities that need to lead not follow. Your situation with wedge was a rerun of that where your preference was obviously to be seen as an equal @ the very least and were not acknowledged as such, although Nao has praised your work on occasion.
That's the problem. There's not been much of that for a while... could see the use of them and it would make Wedge better - but don't mistake that for the fact I *wanted* to implement them. I implemented them for Wedge's benefit. In fact, of the features I've added, I actually don't see myself using most of them. I added them because I felt Wedge needed them, which is something quite different to 'because I wanted them'. I don't mind this in principle, I did it a lot for SimpleDesk too.
Look its plain as day, Nao is what I would term a perfectionist whereas your preference tends toward pioneering. Leave the nuts and bolts to him you focus on the exciting things that motivate you into doing what you do best. I can imagine the turmoil you have both been through but this is an area where some form of compromise should have been reached.
Well, that's not how I see it. The common denominator is..... because it has more things that they want and wouldn't care about the name. I doubt anyone really cares about where the name vBulletin comes from.
Maybe so but did you notice how Nao has had dramas with his better half and yet he gravitated toward wedge when things got him down he persisted. As for the name changes well again you should have been more assertive if it meant that much not just dismiss it for the sake of maintaining harmony.
You're telling me that I should put my personal matters aside for the good of the project, yet doing so would mean that I would be working my ass off for something I don't just resent but actively dislike... there is nothing healthy about this.
Not so, if its not going to work for you its not going to work. Simply this, neither of you have really dug deep enough to resolve the ill feelings that surfaced. I find it amazing that two brilliant developers such as yourselves with inquiring minds as thorough as you both are couldnt kick an end goal in all this. It was all left in the air without so much as a sorry or attempt to reconcile but instead EGO seems to have prevailed. Ill health is another matter entirely im talking from day 1 no real communicato.
You'll see throughout this forum that all the time I work on the backend - which includes the admin panel - it's absolutely fine, but woe betide me if I want to put something visible on the front end. ..... I thought that was a particularly good idea but shit, it means that other things have to be rethought.
Yeah possibly you needed more control over development of the project in its entirety seeing your the one who actively made comparisons with other software etc and were better placed for it. You would have been more in a position to take wedge where it needed to go. Thats where your enjoyment would have flourished and you wouldnt have felt like you were left in the cold half the time.
Yesterday going through SMF 2.1 and reapplying stuff like converting to UTF-8 only, I was reminded only too well of how far we'd come. And I remembered what I wanted to do in Wedge, and I remembered more importantly how much I'd already compromised on in the name of the project. There are things I wanted to do since day 1 that I was overruled on and I just let it go because I didn't feel I could say anything. In hindsight I wish I'd spoken up more but I'm not sure anyone would have listened.
Well hindsights a marvelous thing but is it really really, too late? Is Nao able to fully appreciate where your coming from and able to reconcile?
History lesson #2:  The prime motivation wasn't about seeing how awesome we could make it, it was saving the project.
Bullshit!!!! > Well maybe so but I was talking after the event when Nao and yourself merged as a separate entity.
Fun fact, did you know....My point, which I am most assuredly getting to, is that I could show Nao all the compassion in the world but I doubt it would make a lot of difference going the other way.

I have made it known on multiple occasions that I was not keen on the constant rewriting. I make it clear that I didn't like committing things knowing they were going to get rewritten, to the point I flat out said that he should just write things on the front end instead because I felt like I was submitting half-assed work all the time.

None of this was commented upon at the time, if I remember rightly. Communication relies on both parties talking and both parties listening. I've done enough talking, and I'm not being heard. And I haven't felt like I've been heard for a while. The problem is, were I to rejoin now, one of two things would likely happen, either things would quickly be how they were (which is unacceptable to me)
Well seems to be a failing on Nao's part and time for in depth reflection. What say you?

The Pub / Re: Not So Mixed Signals
« on September 3rd, 2013, 01:56 AM »
This is a lovers quarrel guys!

Its a well known fact that two people cannot co-exist without argument @ some time or other. The key is communication and ones ability to air any grievences as they arise and clearly, so the other half fully understands where he or she is coming from. The need to sit down and discuss matters in an attempt to resolve issues and to reach compromise is the only way. Absorbing the brunt of ill feeling or maintaining a distance doesnt cut it on its own merit. One must go the extra mile and spell out whats on their mind if the status quo is sought.

From an outsiders perspective the communicae between you has been considerable, but neither have really attempted to delve further when you sensed something had possibly gone wrong. What happened?.. a grey area was allowed to fester because of a lack of REAL communication between the pair of you. And to this day there is still is no resolve. Sure you appear to have gone your separate ways but deep down is that what you REALLY want?

A great project and one in which both your hearts and souls were put into. You've suffered grief in your personal lives which is testiment that life is not always a bed of roses but oh what a feeling when things comes together. The triumphant sense of completness and fullfillment that is unparalleled to anything you have experienced before.

The common denominator in this is WEDGE and it is on the verge of becoming something worthy of your talents. Creating the benchmark software you dreamt of would be some feat and theres no denying it. Would be a crying shame to see it end this way.

The community appeals to you to try and raise above what has happened. Think of how far youve come and attempt to move forward as an invigorated new team hell bent on proving that 2 guys can succeed doing it alone. This after all was you prime motivation that spurred this project into what it is today and how it could be should both of you follow it through.

Show each other a greater level of compassion and understanding so that you may rejoin forces for the greater good.
The Pub / Re: Where are we?
« on August 22nd, 2013, 01:18 AM »
Sounds good to me!
Archived fixes / Re: Cannot edit own posts.
« on July 11th, 2013, 02:42 AM »
You guys are truly brilliant. Love watching you perform. :)