Authoring a site theme [WIP] [Needs Naos steady hand]


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Authoring a site theme [WIP] [Needs Naos steady hand]
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Determining the scope of your project

Needs and goals when modifying messageboards can vary a lot. Some of us simply want to edit the background color of posts, while some of us want to redesign our pages from the bottom up to give them that “unique” feel. Wedge fortunately makes it relatively simple to do either.

If you want to change how the whole site feels and behaves, you want to create a theme. If you want to make a quick change to Wedge, like changing the colour of post content, you want to create a skin. A skin slides over its theme to change only a few properties of it.


To make a theme, make a subfolder […tbc…]

  • To make a skin, make a subfolder in the skins folder. The skins folder will by default be in /var/www/wedge/Themes/, but this can vary depending on your service provider. It will at least be in the Themes subfolder of your Wedge installation. [1][2]
  • The next step is to fill in the information for your skin so Wedge can know the basics of what it's dealing with. An easy way to do this is to copy the skin.xml file from the Wuthering skin folder to your skin folder and editing the contents of it. A deeper description of the skin.xml file can be found in the ~Warm/skin.xml file
  • CSS [tbc]
 1. The folder can have any name you want, but I would recommend you name it either the same as your skin, or the shortened name of your skin. For example: For a skin called The Undertaker, you can name the folder Undertaker.
 2. Protip: You can also create subskins by creating new skin folders inside the already existing skin folders. For example, you can edit the Warm skin by creating a folder inside the Warm folder