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Humble beginnings.
« on December 29th, 2013, 10:10 PM »
So... Hope you all had a nice Christmas! I, for one, had a lovely couple of days back in my family. As a late present (although it can be argued that interest around it will be limited), I felt I needed to point out that I've just pushed the very first Wedge public repo to Github.

This isn't the forum software itself (you bet! But I'm doing my best to put it online next month, fingers crossed!), but it contains some actual code that belonged in Wedge at one point or another, as well as a hopefully interesting view into variable names, programming techniques and other things that might give you an idea of how I do things generally.
This repo is called stash, and previously shelf and attic, to give you a generic idea. You guessed it, it's the place where I shelved any code that I liked but didn't want/couldn't afford to have in the Wedge codebase, such as outdated hacks, or bits of code that were no longer relevant to the current state of affairs. You might also be interested (a bit less, though!) in files that belonged to the original SMF SVN repo, and that I'm very unlikely to use in Wedge, but you never know.

You'll also find PNG-24 versions of all of the new icons that are included as PNG-8 (or GIF) in Wedge, in an effort to save as much space and bandwidth as possible. I use these files to rebuild the PNG-8 versions from the best possible source when I need to make a change to them.
A final freebie is in the form of the Cyna smiley set, which I built for and currently use on as well. And yes, you can re-use it on your own forum if you like.

Have fun, then! :)

Re: Humble beginnings.
« Reply #1, on December 30th, 2013, 05:54 AM »
Congrats Sir, you've been working so hard. Thanks for the public repo. Checking out the files.

Re: Humble beginnings.
« Reply #2, on December 30th, 2013, 12:32 PM »
Apart from /images/cyna, there's nothing of immediate use to anyone, and this might even confuse some (e.g. I used git filter-branch to split this folder from the original repo, and as a result the commit messages still retain references to it, even though these files are not in the new repo itself), but I really, really need to get more comfortable with github, and this is one of the steps to it... (Hopefully, someone will make some pull request for whatever reason.)