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SimpleWare Linux
« on December 15th, 2012, 07:10 PM »
While Wedge is under development, I am developing something myself too. You may have seen me talking about Simpleware Linux. It's a distro I'm making with the promise to make the user happy and not include clutter (like Unity, etc). Here is some info about it:

"Simpleware Linux has been an on and off project by Shane Elmore. It is a free GNU/Linux distribution based off the secure Arch Linux platform. Simpleware is just like any other distribution: aimed at being easy to use while installing all the nessecary software, however, we aim to be at least 110% better than those competitor distributions. While we aim at including just free software (as code), however, non-free software can be added via external links. This product also aims at being incredibly simple to run on any computer: no over-clunky GUIs, etc. That is our promise, in current and future versions. Give us a try sometime!"

If you'd like to see it, go to for updates. Note that the support forum may run Wedge once my application is accepted/rejected! ;)