CSS3 support


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CSS3 support
« on May 6th, 2011, 05:12 PM »
Feature: CSS3 support
Developer: Nao
Target: themers, modders, users
Status: 100% (technically complete.)

With HTML5 always comes support for CSS3... Although it isn't a big deal in itself, it's likely to impact some of your users. SMF2's default theme fully supports IE6 (which was the dominant browser at the time of its first alpha versions.)
Wedge's simply doesn't. Welcome to 'progressive enhancement' (or 'graceful degradation', whatever crap professionals decide to call it.) Meaning it looks alright in IE6 (and somehow IE7 and IE8), and great in modern browsers. Wedge removes all of the SMF hacks and extra markup for IE6 ('topslice' and empty spans anyone?), although it's still possible to create themes that work perfectly in it. It's just a question of philosophy, I guess.
If you're afraid of losing your audience, don't forget the current penetration rates of IE6. The only country where it remains relatively popular is China. If most of your users are not Chinese, then don't bother with IE6 support, embrace full CSS3 support and actual good-looking themes. Oh yes, and support for IE4 and IE5 is entirely dropped, as their market shares are totally negligible. Last I heard, IE4 was now only used by a man called Gon Dongong, he's living in a Mormon community in Kazakhstan and even all of his friends laugh at him for being such a retard. I'm not judging, but I'll suggest that he keeps visiting SMF 1.0 forums. Or maybe YaBB.