rewrite theme engine to use Bootstrap


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rewrite theme engine to use Bootstrap
« on September 16th, 2015, 02:44 PM »
I know that it is a major undertaking to completely rewrite the theme system, But the current theme system leaves a lot to be desired if someone wants to re-use their themes across multiple websites. This feature request should be able to reduce the server overhead a little bit by not having to completely compile the theme style-sheets repeatedly.  This framework has a lot that can be useful, details ( and examples ) can be found on the Bootstrap website, and the Bootstrap source code is available on github.


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Re: rewrite theme engine to use Bootstrap
« Reply #1, on September 17th, 2015, 12:26 AM »
I'm sorry, I've never used Bootstrap and have no plans to use it. As far as I know, it's not even a 'theming' engine, it's just a collection of CSS files that aim to accelerate website prototyping. In other words, there's no reason it couldn't be used alongside Wedge.

There is no theme system in Wedge. It's a skin system. It has its own way of doing things -- which is arguably way better and more powerful than SMF's. You can achieve many things with a considerable advantage: you may change HTML and CSS elements without modifying the standard files, just adding to other files you create.