Things to do before the Mayan apocalypse: floating topics


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Things to do before the Mayan apocalypse: floating topics
« on April 20th, 2012, 10:36 AM »
(See the 'general' topic for details on the purpose of these topics...)

- Floating topics: again that issue... It's something I was very adamant to do when I started work on Wedge. As a reminder: being able to specify a topic type that would be beyond just 'topic', such as 'gallery item'... I guess I kinda lost myself in it for two reasons.

The first is that I also wanted to (and actually started to implement, long ago) have boards be 'floating' as well... Meaning a board can be a blog (which is already done as you can see), or a website (I have yet to start work on this but basically the main difference with a blog is the message index). From that point on, topics change their nature based on what the board is. So at some point I considered simply adding 'gallery album' to the board types. Which absolutely makes sense when you think about it... And I kinda let go of my 'floating topics' concept in the meantime.

What happened after that, is that tumblr showed up, with their 'post types', and WordPress took their idea too. "Hey!", I thought. "That's my floating topic idea!"... Well, it's not like it was the most original idea in the world anyway (I have plenty of original ideas, many of which found their way into the Wedge codebase, but I'm not calling dibs on every single good idea :P), but at that point I started to wonder what was best... Which is possibly why I just left it aside. If I'm going to be 'realistic' in my targets, I think I should stick to 'floating boards' from now on. There are always ways to make a meta-board in the future (hey, that's a floating board item too :P) that would reunite all of its sub-boards' topics into the message index anyway...