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March 28th, 08:21 AM Actions…Nao » @Nao> btw the site moved yesterday, quite unexpectedly. I hope there aren't any issues left.
March 27th, 11:53 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Thank you! (…)
March 21st, 06:05 PM Actions…CerealGuy » Happy Birthday @Nao :) (…)
March 19th, 12:15 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Well the header was a nice mix between Wine and Wilde, but I decided to reduce the banner height to a few px and rewrite the header to be on a single line in mobile devices, so I could have it fixed. Works similarly to, as planned.
March 18th, 07:43 PM Actions…CerealGuy » @Nao> Better than a few weeks ago. The area around the header looks more clean. Also the steam login picture looks better placed/different. I lile it more :D (…)
March 18th, 11:29 AM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Better than what? Default Wilde, or what LT used to like a few weeks ago? No forum search for now but you can still access it manually with /search/, I just need to add a link somewhere... (…)
March 12th, 05:40 PM Actions…Leon Janßen » Danke, hatte es vorhin auch gefunden
March 12th, 04:33 PM Actions…CerealGuy » @Leon Janßen> Jup gibt es. Musst auf Einfach davon den german ordner nach <WEDGE>/core/languages kopieren und irgendwo im admin menü noch aktiveren.
March 12th, 03:19 PM Actions…Leon Janßen » Hi, there's a German language file? for Wedge? (…)
March 9th, 12:01 PM Actions…CerealGuy » @Nao> Very useful. BTW I like the tweaked look of lestrades, definetly better! The search is nice too. But is it possible to still search the forum? (…)
March 6th, 01:06 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> nobody ever asked for it but I felt it would be useful! (…)
March 6th, 11:39 AM Actions…CerealGuy » @CerealGuy> Nice, you added "mark all as read", always missed it :cool: (…)
March 6th, 11:37 AM Actions…CerealGuy » @Nao> I would say it's not high priority. Still should get changed. (…)
March 6th, 12:04 AM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> So... I'm guessing no changes, then? (…)
February 28th, 12:39 PM Actions…CerealGuy » FYI about SHA-1: (…)
February 16th, 09:20 PM Actions…CerealGuy » @Zeyad_Ahmed> Actually this is possible. Not yet but i'm working on a plugin to support markdown syntax. But it's just a PoC and doesn't work with current wedge versions.
February 16th, 09:13 PM Actions…Zeyad_Ahmed » @Nao> I dont use steam :v i really suggest adding markdown format for typing in wedge , i mean it have two options BBCode and Markdown is that possible? :D (…)
February 12th, 10:00 PM Actions…Nao » @CerealGuy> Lestrade's ;) (Reposting here, I already mentioned it in the BBCode topic.)
February 12th, 12:39 PM Actions…Drunken Clam » @CerealGuy> Me too!
February 12th, 10:27 AM Actions…CerealGuy » @Nao> Even if i'm not, i would love to see your latest project (…)