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Title: Paths that need to be updated after moving Wedge to a different directory
Post by: txcas on February 27th, 2014, 02:57 PM
You need to update the following paths if you migrate your forum from SMF to Wedge ,and then move Wedge to the root domain.  For example I had SMF on and Wedge on  SMF was under /root and Wedge under /root/upgrade.  After importing SMF to Wedge I moved Wedge to /root to make it the new software for my domain.  Here are the paths that I had to modify to make things work:

1. Settings.php - I edited this file manually first so I could have a working forum.
# Paths and folders
$boarddir = '/root';               # The absolute path to the forum folder.
$sourcedir = '/root/core/app';            # Path to the sources directory.
$cachedir = '/root/gz';               # Path to the cache directory.
$cssdir = $boarddir . '/gz/css';         # Path to the CSS cache directory.
$jsdir = $boarddir . '/gz/js';            # Path to the JS cache directory.
$pluginsdir = '/root/plugins';            # Path to the plugins directory.
$pluginsurl = '';      # URL to plugins.

2. Paths under General Options-Paths
Forum URL
Path to Wedge folder
Path to app folder
Path to cache folder
Path to plugins folder
URL to plugins folder
URL to HTML templates
Path to HTML templates
URL to assets folder

3. Path under Forum-Attachment Settings
Attachments directory

4. Path under Forum-Avatar Settings
Avatars directory
Avatars URL

5. Paths Under Media-Settings-Configuration
Data directory path
Data directory URL

6. Pretty URL paths for boards
When I enabled Pretty URLs on Topics the URLs were composed as instead of  To fix that I had to:
1. First enable Pretty URLs for Boards only.
2. Go to each board settings and modify the pretty url link to use instead of
3. Now try to enable the other pretty urls options and check functionality.

That should take care of all the paths.