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 [FAQ] What's the point?

Posted by Nao, on October 1st, 2010, 06:32 PM   (1,468 views)

- To give new life to SMF. While it was ahead of its time when it first came out many years ago, SMF is now behind the competition, because of the long development time for version 2, including a "feature frozen" state that lasted for over 3 years (an eternity on the Internet), and the many team changes. So many ideas were lost in the process.

- Leaving aside the feature set, Wedge is here to try new things, apply new strategies, new systems of thoughts to the SMF world. The way SMF is built and released works for some, but not for everyone. Hence:

* The developers are the project leaders, who share a common vision for Wedge. No team democracy means that you're under our control (insert evil laugh). It also means, more interestingly, that there's no one to stop us from realizing our vision, and the only pressure is the one that we put onto ourselves. (Unfortunately, we happen to be very demanding of ourselves.)

* Release cycle: SMF 1.x was great. However, it is also very static. This is probably due to the complexity of releasing new minor updates in packages that can be installed in one click. We do not plan to follow the same system. Instead, we would like to release full packages, without regard to minor or major releases, and release them early and often, as soon as the backbone for Wedge is solid enough. The idea is to make it easier for mods and themes to coexist with SMF without having to edit Wedge files, meaning that you can simply overwrite the files without losing your mods and themes. If you don't like this way of releasing new versions, you should use SMF 2.x instead, where the development team intents to keep releasing packages for minor updates.