[FAQ] Who's working on it?


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[FAQ] Who's working on it?
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Currently, Wedge is developed by its creators and project managers.

* Peter Spicer ("Arantor") is the creator and main developer of SimpleDesk. He's also one of the better known SMF community members, having posted more messages than anyone else in the boards, mainly as a project helper. He's so smart it's scary, he's nice, he's everywhere, he figures out solutions to problems before they even arise, he collects dragon toys, he's got a cool name and, more importantly, he's on fire.

* René-Gilles Deberdt ("Nao") is the main developer of Aeva Media, the most downloaded mod for SMF. He's doing his best to be a bigger drama queen than Arantor. He's got a weird name, he's so monomaniac he scares himself (90+ releases of Aeva Media in 2 years), and he's old and grumpy, and it's not getting any better. And, more importantly, he can move his ears and has mismatched pinkies.

Who does what?

Working on such a large codebase allows us to specialize in different areas, generally our areas of expertise or simply what we're interested on at the time. We both have a huge to-do list and they mostly don't overlap. Arantor is specialized in innovation, reworking the admin area and rewriting the add-on manager. Nao's main interests are in user experience, writing tools to make a designer's life easier, designing stuff in general, the media gallery which he built before working on Wedge, etc.
To simplify, one could say that Arantor is in charge of the backend while Nao is the frontend developer, but it wouldn't exactly be true, as we both do a little bit of each, and we also tend to look into each other's work and suggest improvements or fix tiny bugs here and there. What we learned after a year of development, though, is that right from day one, we got together pretty well and we've been very happy with our collaborative work.
We certainly hope it shows in the software itself!

Website credits

- The website itself is using Wedge as its platform, as logic would dictate.
- The forum logo is a community effort led by Nao, with help from Bloc and CJ Jackson.
- The forum badges are loosely inspired by earlier SMF badges created by Gazmanafc.

Wanna join the team?

Not for now, we're afraid. We will announce any team additions and changes here in the future. Please do not offer your help here or anywhere else. Right now we prefer to keep the team as small as possible. Of course, we always accept suggestions with pleasure, but we'll do the coding by ourselves. echo 'We like that.';

[FAQ] Re: Who's working on it?
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We'll definitely have to compare our sizes then :lol:

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Quote from Nao on November 9th, 2010, 02:10 PM
Currently, Wedge is developed by its creators and project managers.

* Peter Spicer ("Arantor") is the creator and main developer of SimpleDesk.
Did I understand correctly that Arantor is not in the team? So this version is a completed Wedge project and there are no plans to make new versions?

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I don't believe so, indeed.
I never worked on SimpleDesk myself, and never had plans to.