What do you think about Wap2, the only Wireless mode we kept from SMF?

I use it all the time from my phone. Couldn't live without it.
0 (0%)
I use it from time to time. I certainly wouldn't complain if more effort was put into a HTML5 mobile version, instead.
1 (5.9%)
I rarely, if ever, use it. My phone supports HTML and I happily browse the web normally.
5 (29.4%)
Who cares about Wap?! It's so 2005! Remove it!
11 (64.7%)
Total Members Voted: 16


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Re: Wap is that?
« Reply #31, on February 25th, 2012, 05:48 PM »
A few years ago, Wap was already next to nothing compared to Wap2.
But still, I'm not re-introducing Wap2 support anytime soon... :P