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The Pub / Question re: disabling forum stats on board index
« on June 21st, 2013, 02:59 AM »
Why is is that when forum stats is disabled, personal message and member/post/topics still show on the board index?
I know this was inherited from SMF but I was always curious what purpose it served. I actually don't like it I would love if it just went away all together but first just wanted to have an idea why it 'needs' to be there.

I have a small forum only about 9 members (work related) using an SMF install for now (just 1 board with SD installed). based on we use it, none of the actual stats are important, its only one board and the topics come and go fairly quickly as we only use it to discuss things we do not want to clutter the tickets with.

Do these stats need to be there or can they be ditched when we choose not to show the stats?
Also wanted to know if there is a means to disable/hide the entire info center, including from admin view?
Archived fixes / Current Theme points to manage and install
« on November 25th, 2012, 05:17 PM »
Wedge 0.1 Alpha 2
Chrome Version 24.0.1312.14 beta-m

In the admin panel selecting current theme takes you to the manage and install theme option opposed to the settings for the current theme. Selecting themes and layout also go to the same place.

Archived fixes / News in header not properly deleted
« on November 25th, 2012, 04:51 AM »
Wedge 0.1 Alpha 2
Chrome 24.0.1312.14 beta-m

After installation news line in header shows - Wedge just installed
Delete the news item in the admin area and it is still displayed in the header.
Add new news item and the header is updated
Delete new item but it remains in the header.

Added additional news items, they all showed in the header randomly
Removed all news items, they all continue to show in the header.
Archived fixes / Fatal error: Call to undefined function Display()
« on March 26th, 2012, 02:43 PM »
When trying to view the New Revs topic

Fatal error: Call to undefined function Display() in ................/index.php on line 198

Happened only one.
Features / Aeva - Forum owned albums
« on October 7th, 2011, 07:05 PM »
So I've followed the topics/posts regarding Aeva integration and I've been wondering will there be a means to create albums owned by the forum? Something I've always wanted to do was to create a sort of inventory and give the proper permissions for who can read/write to the album... the only thing is I don't want to own the album I'd much rather it belong to the forum.
As far as attachments I was thinking I would want that album owned by the forum as well and users could still create their own albums as permitted for whatever else.[1]
 1. A quick search did return anything on this, sorry if it is actually already mentioned... if that's the case feel free to point me to it :-/
Features / Notify Admin when a new member joins
« on September 30th, 2011, 11:09 PM »
Would you guys consider changing this to user preference?

I ask because I hate getting these with a passion but but 1 of my admins actually deals with new members so he wants to be notified. I'm not sure why this is an all or none deal so I think changing it so that only those who request to be notified will be notified would be a good thing.
Features / View Topic Permissions
« on July 2nd, 2011, 03:28 AM »
Is this something that is/could be considered for Wegde?

I would argue that these permissions were missing in SMF while rather vital to some forums (I argue this of course because it was something I needed). There are cases where you want a user to see that a board exists but not allow them to enter said board (maybe until they reach a certain post count or subscribe), also there are times usually when collecting sensitive information that you would want a user to view only the topics they started in a particular board while allowing the appropriate members (more than likely your staff) to be able to view all the topics.

If there is or could be any consideration for this what I would lean towards is View Own/Any/None
Own = user can only see the topics they created in that board along with the sticky topics
Any = user can view all topics in that board
None = users cannot see any topics in that board including stickies (this would take care of what the look but no read, view/enter board permission mods attempt to do)

@Arantor I know you and I spoke a bit about this a while back by PM I think where you pointed out that these kind of permissions could trip up certain mods such as portals. I would argue that if these permissions existed in the core it would be up to mod authors to respect them when coding and up at admins that use the Own/None permission to avoid mods that trip over them.

While I understand that there might not be a vast amount of admins that need such permissions the few that do are usually left in the cold. I've had to do some rather creative mod handling to achieve the desired effect in SMF. I can happily say however that SD2.0 has helped me mitigate much of that creativity.

Now I'm not saying this must be or should be included in Wedge, I'm only curious as to whether it has come up for discussion and what was the outcome if any. If it hasn't been discussed, does it seem like something worth considering?